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December 11 - 18, 2022

Moon enters Leo on Sunday afternoon, making for a playful end to our weekend and beginning of the week ahead. As it comes into a square with its own nodes* on Monday afternoon, we are noticing our path that lies behind us and ahead of us. The nodes of the Moon represent, essentially, where our soul comes from (South Node) and where it is trying to go (North Node). When Moon squares them (the nodes are always exactly opposite one another), our reflection upon our past and future becomes more apparent. We can recognize steps we may have skipped along the way, as well as how to retrace those steps to find out what we missed. Oftentimes we avoid certain steps because they seem scary or uncomfortable. Can we find the missing links that we may have avoided or overlooked in the past?

Monday also finds Sun in Sagittarius forming a sextile (60°) with Saturn in Aquarius. These are fruitful signs for expansive enhancements to the way we work and the way we are recognized. The combination of Sun and Saturn represents, primarily, our recognition and achievements. If we don’t feel as though we have achieved our greatest potential, or if we are still formulating how to do so, this aspect brings some clarity to how to get there, especially with Moon forming a square to its nodes later in the day, as mentioned above. If we analyze the processes we employed in the past, rooting out any methods that didn’t work for us, we can better prepare how we will manage our methods moving forward.

Tuesday morning finds Moon in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius, emphasizing the importance of humbling our egos to recognize the hard work necessary to accomplish the ideal goals we have set out to achieve. As fun as a Leo Moon can be, when it comes into contact with Saturn, especially opposing it, the brakes are applied on whatever fun we thought we could have. The hard lessons of life begin to expose themselves, thus reconciling the balance between fun and work.

Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday, influencing us to notice how we are adhering to our spiritual work. Though we may feel inclined to perceive ourselves as spiritual warriors on some level, we can’t ultimately achieve those spiritual aspirations without digging into our inner soul work required to get there. This is known as spiritual bypassing, where we brush aside that hard inner work and pretend to be enlightened and free. So, we must measure our mental chatter to see if there are some discrepancies between authentic and delusional beliefs about ourselves. Are we wearing a mask of asceticism to hide our shortcomings?

Moon entering Virgo Wednesday morning excites us to manifest our goals the best we can. As is always the case with Moon in Virgo, regardless of what house it is in in our charts, there is an opportunity to get tremendous work done, whether it is career related, ego related, or house related. However this Virgo Moon moves us, we would do well to take advantage of its influence by batting away any and all insignificant distractions so that we can move quickly in the direction of our hopes and dreams.

The Grand Trine Moon forms with its North Node and Mercury on Thursday morning will be the most constructive time of Moon’s transit through Virgo, opening up the channels for clearer and more profound messages instructing us on how to better manage our lives, our choices, and our direction forward.

As the Virgo Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces late Thursday night and into Friday, we are noticing the spiritual sidesteps we’ve made, and feeling inspired to fix them and realign ourselves with our inner Truth. This is no easy task, nor one to be taken lightly. The influence of Moon making these aspects in such a short time can be strong enough to propel our consciousness where we have been aspiring to go. Just remember to refine, refine, refine! We need to work hard to make things better, more efficient, and more manageable in our lives. How much smarter can we be about managing our lives to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment?

*The North and South Node of the Moon are invisible points in space. Astronomically, the nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbital path crosses the ecliptic, which is the Sun's apparent annual path on the celestial sphere. Astrologically, the South Node represents where we come from, what we’re very adept at and familiar with, and where we can stagnate if we don’t seek our North Node. The North Node represents our ideal karmic path forward, the direction of growth and progress, and a focus point to always look to, as a compass points to Polaris. These points are always exactly opposite one another, and the polarity of them should always be considered when interpreting astrological influences.

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