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­­­April 28 - May 4, 2024

This week holds some blessings and some transitions that will help us move into new territories for the advancement of our objectives, the expansion of our consciousness, and the empowerment of our relationships. Venus gleefully lands in her domicile of Taurus on Monday, and Mars scorches its way into its domicile of Aries on Tuesday. Contradicting these very enhanced reunions is Moon’s journey through the transpersonal signs, sweeping into the weekend in the dreamy bewilderland of Pisces. Temperatures can run hot on Saturday when Moon joins Mars in feisty impatient Aries, so our patience and expectations should remain calm and limited, respectively. This way, our days can remain organically joyous and adventurous!


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Moon in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces

Moon in Sagittarius trine Venus in Aries

Third Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces


The overwhelm we experience in the face of chaos and uncertainty may make an indelible mark upon the start of our day, leading us to second guess certain pursuits we have committed to. We might find ourselves wanting to run from the weight of such commitments in order to save our sanity. But if we hang on and breathe through the struggle, that tension and anxiety will release and remind us once again that these feelings ebb and flow throughout our lives, even our daily lives. And once we work through all of this, we are bound to feel better and more motivated to proceed confidently.


The day can certainly come off feeling like a challenge we need to face, and indeed it might be. When Sun and Moon square one another in earth signs, we are called to find some simple grounding techniques to help quell any emotional or mental overwhelm. Walking in the woods, gardening, exercise, or any kind of bodywork will surely help keep our feet on the ground while we sort out the challenges facing us.


Sensitivities are high this evening, so employing any of those invaluable grounding techniques can help ensure more peace of mind than if we neglect them. We should not be surprised if frustrations erupt into arguments or disputes, but if we remain as mindful as possible, we should be able to avoid saying or doing anything rash, hurtful, or regrettable. This might be a good night to watch a movie, read a book, or get lost in something that allows our minds and emotions to wander harmlessly elsewhere instead of towards others who can too easily become targets for us.


Monday, April 29, 2024

*Venus ingresses Taurus*

Moon in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Capricorn square Mercury in Aries

Moon in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries

Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus


Our senses are beginning to awaken to new delights, and what we once felt delighted by may no longer seem so delightful. With new loves and new joys comes the potential for old loves and joys to gently drift away. Remaining open to all that comes our way helps us remain open to what needs to pass on. Through this inevitable process we learn to better discern our values and respect our resources. All of this begins to play out today as Venus ingresses into its happy place of Taurus, bringing a fresh outlook on what is to come and where we are going.


Throughout the rest of the day, which has great potential to be productive and rewarding, we can face pushback from others if we are not mindful of our impulses that otherwise get the better of us. These impulses may spur us to make decisions or do things without thinking them through thoroughly enough. It would be best to stay focused on the goals we have our sights on and not get hung up on emotional struggles that can creep in unexpectedly. Of course we should address our emotional needs when necessary, but the Capricorn Moon would much prefer we keep our eyes on the prizes we are striving for and stay grounded in the effort needed to achieve them.


Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Moon in Capricorn sextile Mars in Pisces

*Mars ingresses Aries*

Moon in Aquarius square Venus in Taurus

Moon conjunct Pluto in Aquarius


No holds barred! Barreling into our future can be exhilarating and inspiring, but we must heed the lesson of Mars in Aries by not rashly acting upon our instincts and desires foolishly. Sure, this ingress ignites our passions with amplified verve, and we can find ourselves inspired by and interested in many new things, but knowing when to pull back the reins a little can help prevent certain unforeseeable consequences. With that caution in place, it is indeed time to relish the intoxicating excitement inevitable with Mars now in its thrilling domicile of Aries.


This excitement can contradict our otherwise stubborn refusal to make any drastic changes, because even though we may be inspired to make progressive advancements in our relationships, our financial situation, or in our evolutionary growth, the fixed nature of many aspects today create much more of an “I’ve got this” and “leave me alone” mentality. Perhaps we can marry this conflicting drive and hesitation with strategy and tact to make our gameplan much more feasible and successful. After all, we have to weigh the impact our passion will have upon our future and learn to tame it to prevent careless and recklessness damages.


Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Venus in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius sextile Mercury in Aries

Moon in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries


All that we find beautiful in life swirls into a tapestry of love and gratitude, but sometimes a few of those beautiful things are taken away from us or corrupted in some way, leaving a bittersweet stain in their wake. If we learn to disengage and detach from the emotional bonds that chain us to such beauty, even just occasionally, we find the quintessence of our perspective enhanced and liberated from those chains. Such is the elevated lesson of today.


When we let go of our attachment to what pleasures us, we can see the value we place upon it much more clearly. This can drive us to make changes in our lives when we are discovering new joys and loves and letting go of old joys and loves. The emphasis on the day is most certainly learning how to cope with the loss of certain things we love and cherish, while at the same time developing inspiration and an understanding of how to forge a new path forward without those things. How do we develop a more manageable life with a new set of values and gratitude.


Thursday, May 2, 2024

Moon in Aquarius square Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Pisces sextile Venus in Taurus


Enhancing our perspective is difficult to measure or even convey, but any tension today can be released by trying to more clearly understand our place in our community. This can be a local or online community that plays an important role in our personal evolution. When we spend time with other people, especially others from different cultural, racial, or class backgrounds, we develop a much greater appreciation for and acceptance of the diversity of our species. These themes will likely be running through our day helping to instill upon us some relaxation of our hang-ups and childhood conditioning.

As the day rambles along, it may seem as though our appreciation for the magical and beautiful things in life grows and grows. We are noticing how sacred and precious so much of what is all around us really is to us. The people, the forest, the ocean, the animals, the wind, the stars, and even the creative expressions teeming from the pores of all whom we meet. This afternoon/evening can bring some very intimate moments with a loved one or friend, so if we can plan on a pleasurable evening of something tranquil, joyous, and lovely, we will be ever so thankful to have planned it that way.


Friday, May 3, 2024

Mars in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius

Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces


The whimsical patterns of our joys from yesterday transform themselves into more audacious patterns of gumption, morality, and structured forms. We are leaving the whims of Narnia and entering the folds of pragmatic reality once again. Did we regrettably overreact to something we did not think through properly? Are we on track to make necessary changes with drive and excitement? Are we afraid of losing control of something we really do not want disrupted?


How do we reconcile our fleeting butterfly hearts and minds with the cold hard realities of existence? This is something that has become an incredible struggle for many, if not all of us. Working with the influences of today’s need for more structure can help us better align with the needs and demands of our daily rigamarole so that when the whimsical days arrive, we are able to fully immerse ourselves in the sanctity of such blessings.


Saturday, May 4, 2024

Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus

Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Moon conjunct Mars in Aries


The sensitivities within and surrounding us are increasingly heightened today. If we are hoping for a grounded productive Saturday, we may be sorely disappointed by what the space spheres have in mind instead. We should plan on a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of day because any other plan may not unfold how you think it should, thus not meeting our expectations, thus frustrating our egos, thus making us upset and angry.


Instead, spending the day by the ocean or any other sort of water would be a nice harmonious gesture to the Pisces Moon. Unless of course it is raining, in which case we can go play in the puddles. The filters are off, which means the gloves can come off, so again, reining in our expectations and practicing exceptional patience will help the day unfold much more peacefully and harmoniously than if we neglect either. It is on days like these that we would be wise to explore something independently, and if we end up with others, we can at least sit back and let the fun and games play out organically. If things heat up, just need to calm down!


There is a lot to work through this week, as always, but Venus and Mars ingressing their ruling signs less than 30 hours apart beckons us to continue our efforts evolving the state of our relationships. The masculine and feminine influences from both planets are becoming incredibly strong and will often be in need of recognition, so learning how to respect these constantly intertwined forces will most certainly help us through the trials and travails of especially our intimate relations. But fun and relaxation are on the docket if we lower our expectations to enjoy what comes naturally. So often it is best to just Let It Be.

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