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May 12-18, 2024

As we emerge from the informational hurricane of Moon in Gemini, we find ourselves steeping like herbs in hot water trying to process and make sense of our personal journey through life. This week amplifies our inner work and our inner determination to shine, despite all odds. We seek comfort, shelter, and security. We seek excitement, confidence, and our creative identity. And finally, we seek refinement, clarity, and cleansing. As we grapple with stubbornness, let’s consider the purpose of being stubborn. Once we realize why we are stubborn, we can step up to the plate and make our impact with grace and beauty. This week holds unique keys that can surprise us by showing up out of nowhere. Stay watchful, my friends!


Sunday, May 12, 2024

Moon in Cancer sextile Venus in Taurus

Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Cancer square Chiron in Aries

Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus


This is a feel-good kind of day in which we can embrace the nurturing delights of taking care of our home. We are likely to feel a sense of nesting and unwinding, so anything we can do to enjoy that process would be perfect today. Perhaps we have guests coming, or maybe we have just been putting off making love to our sacred space. We seek comfort, security, safety, and an overall pleasant environment.


The afternoon and evening might find us rehashing the critical importance of following our independent healing process in ways that induce these same feelings of comfort, security, and pleasantry. As we gradually discover exactly what we need to feel more secure on our road to mastery, we can better decipher how to adhere to that path and what challenges lie in our way. Ultimately, we hope to trod into our glorious future with redemption and serenity, so anything we can do to strategically design that road would be ideal today.


Monday, May 13, 2024

Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Venus in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces


The unexpected might just show us something very important we have been too stubborn to accept. What lies in wait when Sun and Uranus come together is often something we are not anticipating, so if we remain open to spontaneity and surprises while not fixating on expectations, we are going to be able to sail through this day much more easily.


The emotional river of the day finally makes its last bend before opening up into the everlasting seas, allowing an opportunity to merge our efforts toward tranquility with grace and acceptance. It is time to “see here how everything leads up to this day.” What has brought us to this moment in our lives? What are we finally being called to embrace?


The frequencies oscillate a bit more rapidly as the day carries on, bringing us into active reflection about how momentous our tidal shifts have been and how notable the shifts to come may be. There have been hints swimming in the undercurrents trying to break free from our unconsciousness lately, so it is up to us to enlighten ourselves to the births and rebirths that are gestating for the sake of grace and serenity.


Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Moon in Leo trine Mars in Aries

Moon in Leo square Venus in Taurus

Moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries


Today is a much better day for going after our own creative pursuits than to cave to the demands of someone else. This is not to say we disrespect or disregard a loved one or their wishes entirely, but we can find ourselves resentful if we acquiesce to someone else’s wishes and disregard our own desires and focus points. Furthermore, it is quite possible for someone who imposes upon us in this way to be stubborn and even quite demanding about it, so keeping our cool and breathing through our retort will help ease any tensions that arise.


We are feeling quite feisty and excitable today, so allowing ourselves the freedom to chase our dreams in our own unique way is sure to carry us that much closer to manifesting whatever those dreams are. Do we feel prepared to pull back the curtain and enter the spotlight? Do we know our song well before we start singing it? Let’s embrace the frequency that is coursing through our veins and circulating throughout our bodies. It’s abuzz with excitement and inspiration! Perhaps we can even find ourselves on the right tracks toward healing our insecurities and inhibitions in the process.


Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Moon in Leo square Uranus, Sun, and Jupiter in Taurus

Mercury ingresses Taurus

Moon in Virgo trine Mercury in Taurus


The excitement we felt yesterday about our creative pursuits could quite likely run aground today on the sandbars of monotony. Though we may still be feeling the excitement, someone or something is making us realize some cold hard facts about our resources and the feasibility of our dreams. While this can make us angry at first, we should not scoff at the value of cold showers. By reeling it in, we can actually recalibrate our course and refine the plans we have to get to where we are so excited to be.


When it comes to our finances and wherewithal to realize our hopes and dreams, today we begin a two week process of assessing and adjusting those means to our end. We will be spending time analyzing the financial feasibility of our personal goals as well as our long-term plans. How can we make it all work so that we are satisfied, content, and proud to be on the tack we are on? This day seeps into an evening of refinement, refinement, refinement. The perils of neglect may be showing their gruesome faces and startling us into bug-eyed awareness of what to do and what not to do moving forward.


Thursday, May 16, 2024

Moon in Virgo

(no major aspects)


Though there are no major aspects today, I am going to share an overview of where the celestial bodies are.


Moon in Virgo is continuing to show us how we can better refine the intricacies of our personal development. We learn a lot about ourselves as Moon journeys from Aries > Leo, but when she makes it to Virgo, it is here that we analyze all we have learned so we can better manage and navigate our life. The information and emotional experiences bring us to a rather detached state of mind that allows for grounded reasoning and pragmatic recognition of what to do from here. What needs fixed? What needs pruned? What gets in the way? What works best?


Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Sun, and Jupiter are all in Taurus, placing a plethora of importance upon our financial situation. Are we making enough money? Should we better diversify our finances? Do we feel stable and secure? Also, are we being too stubborn somewhere? Are we resisting something important? Are we learning how to better stimulate our bodies? Does sensuality play enough of a roll in our lives? Are we comfortable in our bodies? These are the undertones and overtones of these celestial beings amassed in Taurus.


Mars, North Node, and Chiron are all in Aries, emphasizing the critical need to follow our calling unabashedly and without inhibitions. Drive and destiny are enveloped in a warm embrace with our healing and our pursuit of creative mastery. We are actively working toward objectives that will polish our tarnished souls of their sorrows and traumas. What are we striving for and why?


Friday, May 17, 2024

Mercury in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius

Moon in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Virgo trine Venus and Uranus in Taurus


Resistance impedes current, but on this perilous voyage through life, resistance sometimes teaches us what we must learn before we are ready to continue flowing with the current again. This is often how squares play out in our lives. Are we prepared to make big changes right now? Maybe we need to dig our heels deeper into why those changes are so important before we let go and see where we land. Today we honor resistance at first, and eventually find it in us to flow in the grounding sweetness of bodily sensations and sensual delights.


But all of this must contend with the recycled juxtaposition of chaos and order. Our timing may be off today, we might feel incredibly overwhelmed by the ensuing chaos all around us, but we instead may feel as though we are having the last laugh at chaos after finally putting all our ducks in a row. It is sometimes hard to determine which way the pendulum will swing when oppositions involve such potential for stark differences. Most of all, we should be keen to observe serendipitous moments today. They just might point us in the best direction.


Saturday, May 18, 2024

Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Libra trine Pluto in Aquarius

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Taurus


As we wrap up our personal development during this lunation, signs of relational importance eek their way into our lives. But first, we should spend our morning recapping all the ways we determined to be become better people than we have been. And not just how we can become better people, but how we can manage our lives such that calm and peace of mind play a much more important role than they ever have before. The swells are mighty and the voyage is testing all our resolve, so making time to sort through and delete the files of chaos can help allay further calamities.


This afternoon holds new insights about our relationships. Why is it so important to have other people in our lives? Why can’t we just live alone, answer to no one, and be at peace with that? Perhaps we should first consider reflecting upon our past to see how others have influenced us, encouraged us, loved us, taken care of us, and taught us so many new things we might never have discovered or learned without them. The community we may be an integral part of shows us the benevolence of working together, and the friends we cherish show us the benevolence of kinship, trust, and camaraderie.


While these rekindled reflections remind us of why we love our partners, friends, and family, the intimate and infinite luxuriousness of sensual delights may truly astound us on a wholly different level. We should most certainly be considering the value of physical affection, beauteous environments, and financial stability, because these all help ground our fleeting fears and misguided misgivings so we can remember how to live fully, love, freely, and forgive hopefully. Opportunities arise for those who feel confident, loving, and loved, and none of these are traits any of us should live without.


Though the week tends toward personal development, it ends with a potent reminder of why our lovers, friends, and family are so important to us, even when we second guess it. We learn a lot about ourselves by interacting with others, even when they anger us, disappoint us, or betray us. Are these reflections of our own actions in the past? Do we deserve something we forget may have been coming at us? Swimming back and forth across the river of life slows down our otherwise unimpeded journey, but there are so many things happening along both shores. If we neglected the experiences waiting for us all along the river, we would never enter the sea as enriched, enlightened, or fulfilled as we could have been. Let’s explore the shores of our lives together!

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