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March 17-23, 2024

This is a rather formless and fluid kind of week that eventually begins to solidify and fire us up. As the watery beginning finds us swimming in swirling waters off the coast of nowhere, we have an opportunity to discover some lost magic. This might appear as dreams or ideas we have long forgotten about, or it could appear as new perspectives. New perspectives are never anticipated, but when they show up unannounced, we are enthralled by their power and inspiration. As we surf across the equator through the equinox, we are driven by the new winds at our backs taking us into the folds of our exciting futures.


Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Cancer trine Venus in Pisces


It is a good thing today is Sunday, because our motivation is likely nowhere to be found. Even if we have plans, our expectations should remain limited, because the unforeseen is sure to appear. Beyond this likelihood, however, we can tap into the poetics that shape the strange madness of our soul. Everyone suffers the whims of this challenging process called life, so when we recognize the mysterious absurdity and beauty that exists around every corner, we would do well to dwell in the profundity of those moments from time to time.


How can we cherish this watery influence without losing ourselves in the whirlpools and rapids? While we may not get lost, we certainly may experience some confusion and disorientation. The love bug is crawling through all the misty forests of our hearts today. On so many levels, we will likely find ourselves immersed in the deep, warm waters of joyful and careless love. We are feeling the feely feels to nurture and be nurtured by ourselves, others, and even the healing waters that flow and sway across this beautiful world.


Monday, March 18, 2024

Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Cancer sextile Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Cancer square Mercury in Aries

Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

Mercury conjunct Moon’s North Node in Aries


Our foundations have been fluid and rather formless lately, making it difficult to establish the growth we may have anticipated. This fluidity, however, offers an opportunity to shape and mold a new foundation over the coming year. The old foundations that conditioned and pigeon-holed us have fallen out from underneath our feet. This is our chance to not just build a new future, but to begin that future upon a foundation we get to shape and cast ourselves.


There are also plentiful chances to work through our emotional stresses and struggles today. From the pains that accompany our finances to the challenges of communication to the sudden changes in what we consider important and valuable to us. We cannot escape the calling we hear to quietly consider these facets of our lives. What we dwell upon may not always be what we should dwell upon. Sometimes something much more important is lurking in our churning bellies just waiting for us to notice it.


As we wrap our inquisitive minds around these concepts like water around rocks and stones, we should also relish the incoming swath of fresh gusto to stay the course on our most recent passionate pursuits. What exactly is it we are doing to manifest our dreams and destiny? Are we lollygagging or are we putting in the hours, days, and months to get where we have envisioned ourselves? May all our emotional processing help establish a greater inner capacity to see our dreams through to fruition.


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Moon in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Cancer trine Sun in Pisces

Moon in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Sun ingresses Aries (March Equinox) at 11:07pm EDT


The feelies are lingering for one more day before tonight’s Equinox launch. As we try to pry our way out of the crabby clutches of our feelings, we are met with a fold of potential spiritual inspiration. While Sun and Neptune in Pisces often create confusion and delusion and disorientation, they also have the capacity to deeply inspire us. After all, Neptune and Pisces are the bringers of poetry, art, music, and all the beautiful affections our souls invoke in us. We are probably going to experience some slice of the heavenly pie today, especially if we spread our wings and allow those winds to lift us up.


As those lofty ideals inspire us, we may discover our hearts wish to be back on the ground so we can get to work on that inspiration. Moon’s opposition to Pluto can spark some emotional angst in the hearts of friends, so we must be mindful how our relationships are handled today. Either ego can get in the way of seeing each other’s true good work through to the next phase, so we should bury our hatchets and high five each other’s wings, because our most formidable and all-pervading celestial being is renewing its contract to show us around the zodiac once again.


The March Equinox is one of two times each year that the Sun rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west everywhere on Earth. It is also one of two times each year that the Sun is exactly overhead at midday on all points of Earth’s equator. This is ultimately a day of balance, for the great circles are resonating in celestial harmony, and day and night share the skies equally. This is also a time of rebirth, separation, and excitement. There is such newness to relish and rejoice in. Let’s soak in the warm harmonics of Sun’s rebirth into Aries together!


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries

Moon in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus


Sometimes it is important to pay close attention to subtle messages that drift across our path on certain days, and today is one of those days. Mercury’s union with Chiron alerts us to notice exactly how we are utilizing all the lessons we have learned from our past humiliation, trauma, and suffering. Though these experiences were likely against our will, there are still lessons contained therein which can help us heal and grow. Chiron has a mysterious way of showing us the pain so that we might see the fortitude it imbued us with. The messages of the day might show us a direction we had not considered taking, and this could be a direction that shows us a lot more about our identity and independence.


It may also be that we find ourselves in conversation with someone who points out certain things that trigger either painful memories or excite our inspiration to follow our passions with more fervor and determination. If painful memories are triggered, perhaps there is a figment of truth and wisdom sleeping in those memories for us to unravel and decode.


Our spendthrift attitude may come back to haunt us if we have been getting too lax with our money. This is a wakeup call to pay attention to our finances, our resources, and our real estate. This is tax season, so it would be good to make sure we are not skirting anything in that process. Crossing all our t’s and dotting all our i’s helps ensure we do not come face to face with financial issues down the road. It is best to do it all correctly the first time through.


Thursday, March 21, 2024

Moon in Leo trine Chiron and Mercury in Aries

Moon in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

Sun in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius

Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces


The fiery release we might feel today helps quell any misconceptions we may have had after yesterday’s subtle messages brought through the wires of wisdom. This release can allow us to see more clearly the harmony and resonance our passionate pursuits bring to our lives. Do we feel good about something new we have brought into our lives? Have we had a chance to bask in the glory of its arrival into our lives?


Further review of our finances and resources helps allay any further complications regarding taxes, investments, or just our day-to-day balance sheet. It is always worth staying on top of this facet of our lives. We may also want to have some Leo Moon fun today, but Uranus wants us to pay attention to how much we spend. Therefore, we would be better off finding thrifty fun to fulfill our monthly Leo Moon excitement quota.


Figuring out how to take advantage of our newfound burst of energy can be a challenge, but starting with some variety of a cardiovascular workout might be ideal, seeing as how it helps raise our heart rate, work out our lungs, and clear our heads, which are all the things Pluto in Aquarius wants for us. It can be a very active day if we muster the willpower to make it such.


Do our relationships seem a bit heavy and confusing? Are they seemingly bogged down by resistance, restrictions, rules, and repercussions? It can be quite a challenge to harmoniously relate to others, in particular our partners, when Venus joins Saturn. When they meet in Pisces, the rules just seem vague, not clearly defined, and even contradictory to what they may have seemed to be in the past. It is best, during these few days before and after today, to put our heads together, get busy with the work needed to help maintain harmony in the relationship, and not let up until the transit has passed. These restrictive tendencies Saturn imposes upon our relationships when Venus comes to town are fleeting, but the lessons contained within certain restrictions could teach us valuable things we both might need to understand better.


Friday, March 22, 2024

Sun, Pluto, Moon Yod

Mars ingresses Pisces


There is a transformative flair to the day, but not one that seems typical. The recognition and polishing of our identity is being guided by a need to address how we are taking the initiative to forge new and exciting paths for ourselves. Are we stepping out of our comfort zone to face the evolving soundtrack of our lives? Do we see glimpses of our changes in the distance, and are we traversing the obstacle course to get there? There is quite a burning desire to forge into new territory, and what comes of this can lead us to heights we had not previously imagined we could attain. How are we sculpting our future selves for our what our future holds?


Trailing behind all the other planets, save Pluto, Mars finally ingresses Pisces this evening. This brings a subtle lull to the influence of the otherwise feisty war god, thus pacifying our bravado. However, this can be a very charming and alluring time for the active romantic in all of us. We may also wish to consider more peaceful means of pursuing what we want. Furthermore, we may begin to lose sight of what we thought we wanted all along, creating a dissolution of our passions so that new passions can be born from the deep seas of love. We just have to let our desires drift to and fro and morph however they choose to on their own.


Saturday, March 23, 2024

Moon in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Virgo opposite Venus in Pisces

Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus


The refinement we can accomplish today is potentially impressive. If we get our heads out of the monotony of our egos, we will find a number of healthy possibilities available to us. We might be noticing the structure, or lack thereof, in our lives and how we utilize that structure to see our visions through to completion. We may instead recognize the lack of structure and how that keeps us from making forward progress toward our dreams. The refinement of the foundations and framework that help our lives function optimally is an invaluable key to our success and lack of stress.


How does our functionality play an important part in our relationships? Are we missing any marbles? Do we know what is required of our relationships to make them healthy and able to thrive? The dreamy visions we may be having for our love life cannot manifest if we do not put together all the pieces that such a dream requires. Where can we make improvements in our own personal development to therefore enhance our chances of romancing with grace and integrity? These are the lines being drawn in the sand today.


Finally, how are we staying on top of our financial picture so carelessness is not getting in the way of growth and conservation? Refining our sustainability helps enhance our confidence and sense of security in life. This can also be a wonderful day to begin planning our summer garden. Perhaps we can buy our seeds online or in a local store, pick up fertilizer, compost, or any other garden materials to help us get excited about the season ahead. Digging in the dirt is always good therapy, especially with the Virgo and Taurus influences of the day.


How can we find the patience to make it through the early part of the week without losing our drifting, capricious minds? If we know what is coming later in the week after we traverse the equinox, we should be able to feel our way like the days before enough to make it into the glorious seas of inspiration and hope. What awaits us down the line is a feast of potential, especially if we hold on to the aspirations that are reshaping themselves before our very eyes earlier in the week. May we not lose touch with where we have been so we can be grateful for where we are going.

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