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January 15-21, 2023

Our Sunday morning (January 15th) begins with a fresh Scorpio Moon approaching its own South Node, but as is occasionally the case, there are not any other notable aspects happening on this day. This is a good day to take advantage of the Scorpio Moon, though, by rooting through the attic, basement, or wherever you store old items worth cleaning out. Clean out the dark corners and freshen up your space by shedding some light where it otherwise is dark.

Monday, January 16th, brings Moon in Scorpio to oppose Uranus in Taurus, which is a monthly occurrence. But this month finds Venus in Aquarius squaring them, so it is worth noticing whether we have raised the bar concerning our resources, values, and relationships. Have there been any improvements to how we relate to our partner or close loved ones, to how we have been managing our finances, to what we consider most important in our lives? Take stock of these things if you haven’t already.

Throughout the past week or so, Mercury has been retrograding back to what is called an inconjunct aspect (150° apart) with Mars. This culminates very early Tuesday morning (January 17th) but has been amping up a feeling of tension in our mental processes and the way we communicate with one another. Knowing this can hopefully alleviate our frustration as to why there may have been some outbursts of anger or agitation over the past week or more. Take it into consideration when you find yourself as either the angry one or the person on the receiving end. This too shall pass.

Tuesday also involves a Moon-Neptune trine in the middle of the night at 12:47am EST, followed by a square to Saturn at 2:28am, a sextile between Moon-Sun, and then Moon-Pluto at 7:36am and 9:26am, respectively. Our deep dreams may prove revelatory or unusually strange, so pay attention as you awake to Moon’s sextiles to Sun and Pluto, which may create some challenging scenarios as the day wanes on. Stay grounded and open to the suggestions of others, because their advice just may be what you are looking for. After all, getting to the root of things is most fruitful when we do it with other people.

As Moon moves into Sagittarius later on Tuesday, it trines Jupiter in Aries (6:40pm EST), expanding our soul’s reach for what it has been yearning for in the year ahead. There is a tremendous optimism in this harmonic aspect between Moon and Jupiter in these signs; a fiery gusto that inspires us and helps us feel that anything is possible.

We would do well to harness that optimism, inspiration, and drive into the night so that upon waking Wednesday morning (January 18th) those hopeful intentions are sown into our dreamworld while Moon opposes Mars and Mercury stations retrograde, thus securing a pact with the driving active planetary forces of our inner solar system. Moon-Mars oppositions can cause friction and agitation, but with appropriate intention and realistic optimism the potential for manifesting our hopes is greatly enhanced. Setting intentions when Mercury stations direct, especially while in aspect to both Moon and Mars, amplifies those potentials. Mars helps to break patterns, Moon helps us identify with our intentions, and Mercury opens the communication lines between them all, despite the aspects they share with one another.

Just after Mercury stations direct in Capricorn at 8:12am EST Wednesday morning (January 18th), Sun joins Pluto at 9:28am, illuminating the corridors of our unconscious and exposing the pain and suffering we have endured over the past year. It is supremely apropos that Mercury is stationing direct on the same day as the Sun-Pluto conjunction, because we are at once illuminated and given a green light to proceed into a new beginning; a gateway, if you will. With the lights on in the basement of our minds, we can see what needs to be done and set out to do it. Go forth carefully and with a gentle gait, because the true new beginning starts on January 22nd when Uranus stations direct.

Moon enters Capricorn Thursday afternoon, January 19th, allowing us to feel the reality of the shift occurring. As it approaches the now slowly advancing Mercury, we begin to understand how that shift will reshape our future. Before Moon joins Mercury early Friday morning, however, it squares Jupiter in Aries Thursday night, ushering us into a very necessary tension that will challenge our commitment to the initiatives at stake. We must hold fast to all the knowledge and insight we have gained regarding the changes afoot so that our follow through is as graceful and effective as possible.

Friday, January 20th, Sun enters Aquarius, Moon joins Mercury in Capricorn, Moon harmoniously aspects its nodes, and eventually Moon squares Chiron in Aries. This is a rush of excitement and information, ultimately leading us to remember how vital it is to process and understand how the trauma we have endured since childhood emboldens us into compassionate and valuable healers. Wisdom comes with age, and our experiences along the way are intangible teachers that eventually shape us into wise elders. What realistic heights will you raise your bars to so that you can see an attainable path ahead?

Saturday afternoon’s (January 21st) New Moon at 1° Aquarius enlightens us to embrace its ruler, Uranus, before it stations direct the following day. As mentioned often in this and previous posts, Uranus and Aquarius represent influences of advancement, upgrading, enhancing for the good of all, and elevating the consciousness of ourselves and the masses. As the luminaries (Sun and Moon) unite in this sign, and the sign’s ruler, Uranus, stations direct the following day, the initiatory effects of these two days will resound into the months ahead, reminding us to keep our heads up, our feet on the ground, and to reach for the stars. Though there can be a sense of overwhelming vibratory pressure, we should trust in that and not retreat into detachment, solitude, or loneliness. Connecting with those we love and those who understand us is critical at this time. Remember to breathe deeply, stay optimistic, and hold space with compassion for those you love.

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