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February 4-10, 2024

This is a week to contemplate our place in the grand transpersonal world in which we live. There are lessons in focus, distraction, emotions, boundaries, progress, foundations, and the unnamable beauty that surrounds and pervades all we see everywhere every day. What we are most needing to address this week is how efficiently we are making progress toward our dreams and ideals. What distracts us on our path toward adeptness? What gets in the way of our growth and evolution? Can we restructure our lives to reestablish optimum efficiency? Let’s absorb what the outer world has to teach our inner world and abide by that wisdom.


Sunday, February 4, 2024

Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces


Today presents us with a lesson in timing and strategy. There are timing lessons in life that teach us how to tactfully act, engage, or withdraw from certain situations or experiences. Moon and Saturn are known for being the timekeepers in our solar system. Moon’s synodic cycle is approximately 29.5 days, while Saturn’s sidereal cycle is approximately 29.5 years. These similarities emphasize how these two bodies represent timing, and thus when they are in aspect there can often be lessons in timing to pay attention to.


Sagittarius and Pisces are the soul-seeking signs that encourage the outward expansion of our consciousness and yielding to the mysteries we cannot understand. Practically speaking, we must at once embrace our passion to seek wisdom and sacred knowledge while understanding there are certain mysteries we are just not meant to understand or grasp. The tension between these facets of life can be frustrating, but ultimately their paradox is the omnipresent magic that flows through everything. We need to learn to be at peace with that which we cannot control, while carefully timing our choices to coincide with what we can control.


Monday, February 5, 2024

Venus in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries

Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries

Sun in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries

Moon in Sagittarius sextile Sun in Aquarius

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces


There is an elaborate, perfecting alignment of many celestial bodies this morning, followed by the Moon-Neptune square late this evening. In an effort to synthesize these alignments, I will offer an encompassing delineation.


We are facing the music of our own path to mastery and all the ways our wisdom is gathered from transpersonal experiences. These transpersonal experiences, however, directly influence our personal psyche and identity, so we must ascertain what we gather as wisdom and what we should leave behind as distractions. Chiron’s medicine teaches us how to transmute our trauma into wisdom for future healing. These personal planets in transpersonal signs are all directly aspecting Chiron, asking us to focus intently upon exactly how our inner child has grown more wise through our more expansive outer world experiences.


What is it about those outer world experiences that has brought us more clarity about how we identify with ourselves? There can be an amassed array of revelations today showing us how far we have come on our voyage of mastery. We can notice the expansive inspirations that guided us here, the dedication and hard work we put in out of love, and the high standards we set for ourselves to reach further and deeper into our inner space and individuation.


Unwrapping all of this while channeling the transformative potential it offers can lead us to momentous awakenings and insight into our unique capacities to master, teach, and heal ourselves and those whose paths cross our own. We should be watchful for what morsels of wisdom and revelation unfold before us today. Much can be learned if we lay down our expectations and open our doors of perception as wide as possible. As Moon squares Neptune later in the evening, delusions we had not recognized may come to light, helping us better attune to the wisdom we need to evolve gracefully and productively.


Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Venus in Capricorn square Moon’s nodes

Sun in Aquarius trine/sextile Moon’s nodes

Moon in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces and trine Jupiter in Taurus


Tempting as it may be to charge forth into our future inspired by yesterday’s revelations, we should be patient today by reflecting upon how those revelations relate to our journey thus far. Where are we going? Why are we going there? What do we hope to accomplish along the way? What have we accomplished thus far? These reflective practices help us consider our choices more carefully by analyzing the choices we have made in the past.


Venus in Capricorn teaches us how to work together to achieve our goals, how to embrace our values with pragmatism and realism so that we can sustain how they enrich our lives, and how to balance our hard work with poesy and beauty so that our life is in harmony with our nature. Remember, making an honest living is doing something that reflects our nature. This balancing act is delicate but worth our reflection.


As we climb the mountains of our aspirations, we must be sure our foundations are secure and stable enough to withstand our growth. We must also be sure we are following our hearts and embracing the values defined by our love and desires. If we understand the importance of these imperatives, opportunities will more often present themselves to us along the way.


Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Moon in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries

Moon conjunct Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus

Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces


We are challenged today by our drive to sincerely be the leader and mentor we hope to be. Even if we are already mentors in some capacity, there is always more to learn that can help fortify our standing in such a role. We should be very mindful of any distractions that lure us off our path and into the brush and bracken. While these dissuasions can often teach us valuable lessons, they also have the potential to unfocus our attentiveness to our goals, thus prolonging our journey toward greater mastery and wisdom.


It is easy to hang our coat on the hook of stability and security, but what if we kept our coat on and ventured out to see what else we can find to excite our senses and seek greater inspiration? Our values are defined by our desires and inspiration, so what if we were to stumble upon something we have never considered before that ignited an entirely new passion inside us? If we loosen the reins that have guided us to where we are, we might feel more inclined to veer into territories unfamiliar to us. There are doors that open into vast landscapes no one has ever seen. What will we find if we open them?


As the evening settles in, we could feel a pinch to bring our lofty ideals down to earth and ground our priorities into workable achievements. This may sound depressing, but when we live too long in the realm of ideals, we forget that those ideals are often impractical and unachievable. But when we are gifted an aspect such as Mars in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, we can reconcile those ideals with pragmatic possibilities and learn to marry them so what manifests is tangible enough to be an achievement towards those ideals.


Thursday, February 8, 2024

Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

Moon conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius

Moon in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus


Furthering our efforts to pragmatize our ideals, today’s configurations exemplify those efforts. On one hand we want to push the envelope into uncharted territories, perhaps even stirring up some controversy, but in the end, what exactly is our motive? This is the question of the day.


Though our thoughts may be racing and struggle to slow down enough to contemplate our motives, we would better off making the effort to do so. Today can bring enormous inspiration to bring our career, our goals, or our hopes to new and adventurous places. There may seem to be some other-worldly entities tugging at our line to see if we might follow them into as-yet unexplored areas. What others might scoff at as unrealistic or outlandish, we embrace as enlightening potential to rise to never-before-seen heights.


Our personal ideals are often not nurtured due to fear of embarrassment or shame, but what if we could make our way over that brick wall of shame and race off in the direction of those ideals fleet-footed and unabashed? Sure we might run smack into another wall, but at least that wall would be a wall of impossibility instead of embarrassment. We can at least say we tried and be proud of our efforts. This grounding of our dreams inevitably shows us what is possible and what is not, so we should at the very least consider trying to reach for some of those valuable ideals, even at the risk of embarrassment. We just need to be prepared to be humbled by what is not possible.


Friday, February 9, 2024

Moon in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries

*New Moon at 20° Aquarius at 5:58pm EST*


We all become proficient at many things throughout the course of our lives, and some things we may actually become so adept at that we are considered masters of. The adepts journey is not an easy one. It can be fraught with setbacks and failures, all but destroying our confidence and commitment to them. But when we are able to dedicate ourselves despite all odds, we can make considerable headway on that path toward mastery.


All that said, one of the most intrusive wrenches that can bring our grinding efforts to a halt is emotional turmoil. When people and experiences disrupt the harmonious grace of our daily lives, we often become so sidetracked that we cannot put any energy into the valuable work we are doing to attain mastery in our field. Today’s Aquarius Moon can offer an opportunity to detach from the emotional chaos that may be infiltrating our lives. This can be a challenge, however, that needs to be addressed delicately with those who might otherwise feel entitled to dump their turbulence on us.


As the New Moon ensues later in the afternoon, we are wrapping up a Capricorn lunation and birthing an Aquarian lunation. This again is related to emotional detachment, but it is more precisely about weeding out the distractions to be able to focus on our end game. These annual Aquarius New Moons are opportunities to invest in progress and substantial advancement toward our ideals, so it would be ideal to sit quietly to consider what we are improving, how we can improve them, and what the motives and intentions are behind those passions. Just remember to kindly draw lines in the sand so your focus and determination is not thwarted by unnecessary distractions.


Saturday, February 10, 2024

Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus

Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus


The functionality of our lives again comes into focus today, begging us to revisit our bullet point list of our most pressing matters. What needs to be prioritized most? What are we doing to generate sustainability and improve our financial position in all matters related to money? Setting aside time to discuss these things with a partner, an advisor, or just with ourselves can help us better understand how we need to proceed in order to make our lives more ideal and aligned with the standards we are hopefully elevating from time to time.


As we grapple with our financial positions, we are also mixing up more concrete to add to the foundation of our lives. Though the mixture may remain wet a little longer than we want it to, we are at least making progress trying to establish a more solid footing that our future can stand on. As we work to establish this more solid footing, we should recognize how valuable our inner candle is. The presence of a desire to seek enlightenment through any healthy means should be part of our standard repertoire. And enlightenment is not reaching some permanent Nirvanic state while sitting in zazen. It can come from a one line of poetry, one bar of music, one sentence of fiction, one flower, one cloud, or anything that reminds us of our incapacity to understand how life can be so beautiful. That unnamable magic that is omnipresent just waiting for any and all of us to see it, feel it, and know that it exists.


This is not a week to be kicking back waiting for the check to arrive in the mail. There is work to do, boundaries to draw, and contemplation to make time for, all while sleeping, eating, drinking, walking, and managing our hectic lives. Though that is always a tall order, and not one we have not had to deal with before, it is becoming more and more critical that we embrace what we choose to excel at. The more distractions we can leave along the trail for others to gather the better, as long as we are not foolish letting go of anything that can help us reach our end game. We are finding our magic, focusing on that magic, and mastering that magic. What is standing in the way?

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