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September 4 - 11, 2022

As we roll into another school year, shaking off the crumbs of fun we’ve played in over the summer, Monday morning brings us a harmonious trine between Venus freshly in Virgo and Moon freshly in Capricorn. These are pragmatic, refining, work and service-driven earth signs. The party is over…for now. It’s time to dial back our spending, lavish forays, and excessive fun we hopefully enjoyed in August. Now it is time to get to work, focus on our resources, and get fully into building and manifesting a healthier, smarter, happier, and more efficient future for ourselves and our loved ones. Believe me, you will feel a level of motivation you may not have felt in quite a while!

Because Venus moves into Virgo early Monday morning, we will be spending the next 25 days refining our relationships and our finances. Take heed of what the planets are asking of us. Make best use of this month by clearing up all bank activities, investments, and any debt. Creating a clear and concise image and plan for the future of our resources is what Venus in Virgo is asking us to do. We will also be reflecting upon and refining our relationships, especially as Mercury goes retrograde in Libra on Friday, which is a transit discussed later in this post.

Moon is transiting through the last three signs of the zodiac all week: Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These are the transpersonal signs, meaning they represent experiences that aren’t always in our control. We will need to stay ahead of the game this week by getting organized (Venus in Virgo will help with that task!), cleaning up our office (Venus in Virgo will help with that task, too!), and taking care of business!

Wednesday brings a grand trine between Moon, Mercury, and Mars in air signs. This means that these two planets (and luminary, Moon) form an equilateral triangle with each other. In air signs this means communication, networking, traveling, and lots of thinking and planning. It’s a perfect time to wrap up loose ends, reach out to anyone you’ve been meaning to talk to, and finish organizing any meetings or events you’ve been working on.

Mercury goes retrograde at 8° Libra late Friday night, September 9th**. It is time to review, revisit, and reassess situations relating to the sign(s) that Mercury is retrograde in. Because it is in Libra, we will be reflecting upon our relationships and how we make sacrifices for others in our lives. How can we improve upon what we learned in late August and early September about our relationships? Do we need more intimacy, space, or communication? Perhaps the grand trine on Wednesday sparked an important point to consider!

**While many astrologers warn against making big plans or purchases during the retrograde cycle of Mercury, I have found that they are not always bad decisions. There are three retrograde cycles of Mercury every year, each lasting over three weeks, so it is impossible to avoid making important decisions throughout our lives with this much time allotted to the Mercury retrograde cycles. The best advice I can give is to be extra mindful and vigilant when making decisions at these times. It’s more about dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. A good example of a Mercury retrograde success story is that Amazon was incorporated during a Mercury retrograde cycle.

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