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September 25 - October 2, 2022

Happy New Moon in Libra! Moon is conjunct Sun at 2° Libra on Sunday at 5:55pm EDT. It is indeed the week of the scales! With Sun passing the equinox point (0° Libra) this past Thursday, Mercury retrograding back over it the same day, Moon passing it on Sunday, and the queen of Libra, Venus, entering its own sign this coming Thursday, we are recognizing the extremes in our lives and our desire to bring them into balance. Libra is where we seek help from others, where we ponder polarities, and where we want everyone to get along and work things out. However, sometimes this can play out as sacrificial compensation, where we really don’t want to do what we say we want to do, we are only doing it to please someone else to avoid conflict. Be sure to stand your ground and not sacrifice your dignity. This seasonal blend of these planets in Libra shows us how to work things out between each other and with each other so we can achieve greater things together. Lend a hand, and don’t be afraid to ask others to lend a hand. We’re all in this together, and now is the time to think deeply about that.

Mars in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius early Wednesday morning, and we should be very glad about it. This is a pressure release from stress, anxiety, guilt, shame, and anger. Mars and Saturn often portend challenges in our lives, but when they are in a trine aspect to each other there is some relief to their otherwise infamous ways. This is not to say everything will be peachy, because they are still highly activated. It’s more that the lessons they teach us will become clearer at this time, because this aspect is about acquiring knowledge, understanding it, and bringing it to others in an uplifting way. But it can still be challenging, so take notice of what those challenges are. What has been irritating us? What truths or boundaries are we not recognizing or adhering to? How have we improved the way we react to others? It’s a wonderful time to see the beauty in the darkness we’ve been through, and how that has made us stronger and more resilient, honest, and true to our nature. Do pranayama, listen to your favorite music, smell the roses, light some incense. This is an air trine, so honor the air we breathe.

Moon joins its South Node in Scorpio Wednesday evening and opposes Uranus early Thursday morning. We should expect situations that challenge our trust in others (or others trusting us), some sticky reminders from the past (near or far) that seem a bit despicable, painful, or embarrassing, or we can get lost in financial woes. Take heart this is a brief transit, as are all Moon transits, so these deep and heavy feelings won’t last long. It’s good to know the Mars-Saturn trine will help alleviate some of that pressure, but the lessons learned from their activation at this time will be right in front of you, so take stock of your life and notice what you can do to alleviate this pressure in the future. Harnessing the Libra New Moon, it is always fruitful to talk and work together if your hearts are in the right place. This transit fades Thursday morning, but lessons learned from it will linger, so pay attention!

As mentioned above, Venus moves from the perfectionist, purifying, and service-oriented sign of Virgo into its own domain of Libra early Thursday morning. Adding to the positive potentials this week, Venus in Libra reminds us to increasingly notice the beauty surrounding us, the interplay of polarities and how sacred their balance is, and how sweet it is to be with the ones we love and exchange ideas and discoveries. It is a time when we don’t just want our lives and our world to be a more beautiful place, we can see how to make that happen!

Saturday may be challenging with a Moon-Mars opposition that crosses a Mercury-Neptune opposition, making what’s called a Grand Cross. Mercury is also stationing direct early Sunday morning. This can be the showdown scenario where everyone is looking at everyone else wondering who’s going to act first. Tension, reaction, blame; these are lower expressions of Moon-Mars oppositions. Drive, action, and confidence are higher expressions.

If ever we wanted to make our world a more functioning, helpful, and beautiful place, now is the time. We must harness all the willpower we have to do this in our life right now. All transits are opportunities, and fleeting transits are more pressing. We need to notice how our life needs work, and how to correct our tack. The compass always points to not just Terrapin, but our future. The mountains and rivers are challenges that must be faced, but they are beautiful, aren’t they?

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