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September 18 - 25, 2022

Sunday begins with Mercury retrograde at 4° Libra opposing Jupiter retrograde at 4° Aries. Check your chart to see if you have anything at or near this degree, even in other signs. Due to Jupiter moving into Aries this past May and now being retrograde and returning to those early degrees of Aries, anytime a planet or luminary aspects Jupiter we will be reminded of the new beginnings put in place back then. So, with Mercury retrograde opposing Jupiter retrograde, we are especially in the thick of our thoughts reflecting upon the vision we had this past May about our journey forward. There is no doubt we experienced some level of a new birth back then, and this transit is very likely to bring some clarity and further understanding to what was born and why. Look at your close relationships, your independence, the dynamic between your own independence and decisions and how they affect those close relationships. Change is calling. Listen carefully. Be wise.

Also on Sunday, Moon in Cancer squares this Mercury-Jupiter opposition, which means it is 90° from each of them. Moon is always reflecting, except when it is in the same position as Sun (New Moon), so embrace this opportunity to deeply reflect upon our emotions, feelings, and intuition so that we can recognize the changes necessary to make our lives better. Remember, the planets want us to be the beautiful, awakened souls we already are deep within. Allow it all to surface. Don’t be afraid.

On Tuesday morning, Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This will bring some challenges to light, primarily related to family opinions and dynamics. In particular, old traditions and how we feel about them. At the same time, Moon trines Neptune in Pisces, so we are picking up on psychic subtleties and nuances that can trick us into thinking more may be wrong than there really is, so be sure to ride this morning out with compassion and patience. Moon transits don’t last too long, but Cancer Moons can be sensitive and emotional, so don’t let any challenges bring you down too much. No need to be threatened by the opinions of others; be free to express yourself!

Late Thursday night, Sun moves into Libra for the Autumnal Equinox, a time of equal length of day and equal length of night at all latitudes on Earth. A few hours later, Mercury joins Sun, still at 0° Libra. This sheds a beautiful light on the balance and harmony we seek in life. Libra’s archetype is the scales, and it represents a time when we need to be recognizing what is in balance in our lives and what is not in balance. When we achieve a level of balance, we are essentially bringing more simplicity, calm, and serenity into our lives. Mercury represents communication, travel, and learning. Mercury also represents how we manage our lives, so with Sun and Mercury conjunct at 0° Libra on the Autumnal Equinox, we may manage to find our capacity to manifest more balance and harmony in our lives is a lot easier than we think. And with the ruler of Libra (Venus) nearby in Virgo, we are already seeking to perfect and fix the issues in our relationships that bring imbalance. Let’s get to work on ourselves!

In short, this is a week of reflection upon a brighter and more authentic journey forward for us. That path may be challenged by family members, or even by our own fears or insecurities of what other family members may think of that path. In other words, we may be wrestling with our own psyches and tricking ourselves into believing other people oppose our chosen journey forward, when in reality they may not. It could be either. But remember, it is OUR journey and no one else’s. We should reach a sense of joy and calm during the Equinox, knowing how to best proceed, what needs to be done, and how that inner balance will bring love and an ever-greater awakening into our lives. Embrace the beauty that surrounds us!

Lastly, Moon is approaching Sun by the weekend, so be sure to wrap up any loose ends, prepare any new intentions, and don’t begin any major important tasks or commitments until the New Moon on Sunday evening. More about that in next week’s post!

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