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October 23 - 30, 2022

Sunday brings us into Scorpio season, which is ushered in with Sun and Venus hand in hand. Just after their conjunction in Libra on Saturday they both dive into the deep dark waters of Scorpio to see what they can find. And this is metaphorically what we will begin to do this week, dive into the dark depths of our soul.

We will be reflecting upon what we find there and how it may affect the condition of our relationships. Is what we find there able to be accepted by ourselves, much less shared with our loved one(s)? Whether it is or not may confuse us, confound us, or leave us a bit uneasy about ourselves. And it’s not because these shadows we illuminate haven’t been seen before, it’s more that they have been hiding and stirring in the corners of our psyche for some time, afraid to make their appearance. Now, these specific matters are coming into the light to teach us something very important. Namely, how to bring deeper healing to the relationship we have with ourselves, which will in turn deeply heal the relationship we have with others, especially if we have a partner.

A fast-waning Moon joins fleet-footed Mercury in Libra on Monday afternoon for a lovely colloquial lunch on the veranda filled with friendly, chatty strangers from all walks of life. Soak up this metaphor for your Monday afternoon, because it’s a wonderful time to share ideas, compare them with those of others, and find harmony in the symphony of everyone’s differences.

We awake Tuesday morning to a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio at 6:50am (EDT), which is a New Moon. Eclipses are often considered to be portals into the mystical reaches of our psyches, allowing strange or unique events to take place either externally or internally. For so long they were considered foreboding, but truly they’re a magical time to spend in quiet contemplation.

What one can glean from the inner reaches of their soul during eclipse season is quite often much more than can be gleaned at other times, especially during a Scorpio New Moon. So, make time for meditation and solitude as much as possible during the next two weeks, when a total lunar eclipse happens in Taurus on November 8th. Try your best not to start a new business, a new major project, or sign important documents around this time, because eclipses can often wipe things away when we attempt to start tangible endeavors.

But this is indeed a New Moon in Scorpio, despite the eclipse, so, as has been the general theme of this week’s post, new depths and important transformational births are gestating through our lives at this time. Scorpio is the archetype of deep still waters. As we see ourselves in the surface reflection of these Scorpio waters, we must have the courage to leap into them to see what is behind that reflection of ourselves. To traverse the underworlds of our own psyches that we may find a more holistic picture of our identity.

Friday morning, we wake up to the sound of old familiar music, but we have no idea where we heard it before or who wrote it. Jupiter has retrograded back into Pisces for his final foray there, which lasts until December 20th. Memories of aspirations, inspirations, and spiritual illuminations will resurface from earlier this year and last year. We are going back to retrieve these would-be lost items, because something sacred and other-worldly exists within them.

So, find what inspiration or aspirations may have faded since earlier this year or last year and allow them back into the folds of your quilted life. There are pieces of our mandala that were forgotten. How many can you find?

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