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October 22-28, 2023

This week transforms us from blinding emotional depths to a formidable ambition to fight our way through the thick glue of our fears and inhibitions, landing in the powerful occulted reflection of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday afternoon. We are at first narrowing our path to forge through the deep, then expanding our path to open up to what we just might need to grow more fully into our most sincere and trustworthy selves. Aho!

Sunday, October 22, 2023

Venus in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus

*Mercury ingresses Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces*

Moon in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio

Moon in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus

Today dawns as a blessing to the world, bringing much needed harmonic relief. Our senses are grounded in expansive delights that help instill serenity and joy into our lives. This can also generate a sharp focus upon our financial situation, influencing us to take a good look at those finances to notice how we might be able to grow our resources and generate greater sustainability and wealth. We should be mindful not to overindulge, but instead protect those resources to ensure they endure as long as possible.

The day grows deeper and more emotional, bringing glimpses of the dissolution of boundaries and structures that might have been in place for a long time. Where are we seeing these things dissolve in our lives? It may be time to pick up all the pieces we can find to forge a new set of boundaries and structures that we can design anew and build upon. While these new structures might still need a good deal of refinement, we can at least start to design them for the betterment of our future. How can we raise the bar on the quality of our foundations?

Monday, October 23, 2023

Moon in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries

*Sun ingresses Scorpio*

Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

Our drive to not only address the failings of our past, but to overcome them and plow through into our future with unmatched determination and passion is met with a sincere desire to do so with emotional detachment. While we may be passionate about striving to overcome that pain and humiliation, if we set aside the deep emotional cost they inflicted we can achieve much more clarity and understanding about what needs to be done to overcome them.

As we raise the bar higher on the quality of our foundations, we must also raise the bar on how we analyze and reframe our values. What are we finding to be more important than ever these days? As we walk through life, the importance of myriad things shift and morph to suit the context of our daily lives. What was very important to us five, ten, or twenty years ago may not be nearly as important today as something or someone new we have discovered or met. The deep journey to reassess these values is upon us.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Sun in Scorpio trine Saturn and Moon in Pisces

Moon in Pisces trine Mercury and Mars in Scorpio

The emotional depth gets deeper today as we traverse the dark leagues below us. Tied into these depths is a level of synchronicity that can appear is mysterious ways. We might find out something that has eluded us for quite some time, and the timing of its revelation can seem apropos and strangely uncanny.

While mysteries can reveal themselves today, the answers to those mysteries may not. We might just become aware of something that, while still confounding us, we never knew it was in the first place. Take heart in knowing that things go down we don’t understand, but with time we will. The important lesson in this deeply emotional and mysterious day is to try our very best to trust that what needs to be known will be known, and what does not need to be known will not.

These aspects are all releasing enormous layers of cloudy, transformational baggage we never knew existed, so be kind to those you meet today. The overwhelm can be crippling if we are not willing to flex and adjust our tack to compensate for what we were not expecting to be hurled at us. This too shall pass!

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Moon in Pisces opposite Venus in Virgo

Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus

Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

As we journey back up through those dark leagues below to meet the sunshine above, we are reminded of the beauty of earthly order and self-mastery. All of these strange occurrences that we experience in life, while not always explainable, are at least worthy of recognizing as not just beautiful, but useful and valuable.

The seeds planted around the eclipse that are taking root are sprouting into marvelous creations whose purpose has yet to be understood. Because even though we thought we knew what we were planting, the results may be proving to be completely different than our original reasons for planting them. Instead of chopping them down because they are not what we expected to grow, let them flourish and take on a life of their own. It just may be what you’ve been looking for after all! Trust!

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Venus in Virgo quincunx Chiron in Aries (150°)

Moon in Aries quincunx Mars in Scorpio (150°)

Today’s aspects, while considered minor to some, reveal a level of stress and misunderstanding between ourselves and others that is difficult to reconcile. There can be a dominant desire to recklessly forge ahead through the pain and suffering without considering the ramifications of lacking foresight. The aggressive charging forth can take the form of unscrupulous perfectionism, pointing out flaws and impurities that are only natural and inherent in most everyone, thus an unnecessary inflation of egos.

So, while we are trying our best to honor the mysteries we discovered earlier in the week, it is trepidatious to turn that coin over so quickly that the sacredness of them is lost in hypercritical over-analyzation. Balancing the extremes of what is known and unknown through accepting this quandary and not always expecting the former helps dispel the otherwise emotional turbulence. Staying focused on initiating positive change and new directions, even if we have to remove ourselves to do so, can help us through this day.

Friday, October 27, 2023

Moon conjunct Chiron in Aries

Moon conjunct its North Node in Aries

The pain, the trauma, and the eventual, fortified willpower to overcome their paralyzing hold on us headlines our day. There is an innate, primordial instinct in all of us to fight to survive. This can stimulate an adrenaline rush that seems to block out all other aspects of our lives for the one sole purpose of survival. Unfortunately, we all have likely found ourselves in a similar situation, even if it was not necessarily literal survival.

When we succumb to this need, we lose sight of not just how much we could thrive if we were not faced with such fear and inhibition, but we lose sight of where and how we are supposed to thrive. If we are not in need of facing survival, we may witness sparks that initiate inspiration to heed what calls deeply to our souls. This may sound uncanny, but if we pay attention today, this calling may whisper to us. And when February comes around, this calling could very well be staring us in the face prepared to manifest.

Saturday, October 28, 2023

Moon in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

Moon in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces

Mars in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus

*Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus (4:24pm EDT)*

Mercury in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus

The forces behind today’s lunar eclipse in Taurus speak volumes upon volumes about the sincerity and sustainability of our values and resources. We are dealing with the forces of trust and truth, sexuality, money, values, and the inevitable conflict of staying where we are or changing and growing. Sometimes the brevity of such astrological influences are overlooked or understated, but we should not overlook how altering this eclipse, and all relevant influences accompanying it, can be for us.

Recognizing our financial situation should be our number one priority, and we should be aware that large losses or gains could come our way during this timeframe (over the past few weeks or into the next few weeks). Once we understand those values, we can move on to analyze and reformulate our more personal values; all that is most meaningful to us. Taking these valuable steps toward expanding our awareness helps ensure we stay sharp around these issues.

How can we thrive if we don’t trust who we were planning on thriving with? Is someone going to surprise us with news that our money is not what we thought it was? Maybe the time is ripe to band together with someone to manifest a mutual dream or vision for the future! These transits speak of enormous influences related to the sanctity of what we hold near and dear to our hearts, so finding it in us to detach from expectations about how it will all unfold would behoove us. We must always remember that all things must pass away, but love will always remain.

These delineations are not always what will happen to any or all of us, they are instead euphemisms and analogies to interpret personally and intuitionally. What is not said can sometimes come true. What is said can sometimes not come true. But this eclipse season, as many are, is filled with truly formidable influences that should not be taken lightly or nonchalantly. If we heed anything, we should be most mindful of our finances and those who could somehow impact the value of those finances in some way. Not to fear, just to know the combination to our vault.

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