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October 16 - 23, 2022

We start our week on Monday with Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn, which, as you may remember from previous posts of mine, is a time to reflect upon the shadows that challenge us to redeem ourselves. Where do we feel the heavy weights that keep us from moving forward into our greatest potential?

With Mars in Gemini creating a harmonious trine with Sun and Venus in Libra, we can work through our challenging shadow work with greater ease by way of communicating them to trusted loved ones. This trine will also help quell potential reactions from our loved ones when communicating with them. We are asked to face our fears and insecurities with grace, and in turn be compassionately prepared for loved ones to communicate their fears and insecurities with us.

As Moon in Leo moves into an opposition with Saturn in Aquarius on Wednesday, the reflection process brings recognition of how we can proceed and conquer our goals and dreams for the future with confidence and healthy pride. It’s a sad dog that doesn’t wag its own tail, so be bold, graceful, and humble in putting your plans together to get the work done that needs to be done.

Also on Wednesday, the Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra tightens into a square to Pluto, which plays into the Moon-Pluto opposition from Monday. Take time to accomplish difficult tasks, challenging shadow work, and anything that requires facing unhealed trauma. As agonizing as that can be, the results of working through these facets of our lives brings relief, liberation, and healing deep within.

Saturday begins with a Moon-Neptune opposition and ends with the first Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra in 155 years. The Moon-Neptune opposition also plays into the previous Moon oppositions to Pluto and Saturn earlier in the week, but this is much more of a nebulous awakening influence. We are called to notice how we may be avoiding conflict or difficulty through escapism and neglect, while also noticing how valuable doing good work can be. Being of service to others, refining and humbling our egos, and getting the nitty gritty cleansed and purified always allows for greater clarity in life. Neptune always waits for us to awaken to the blissful and nectar-like beauty of all existence, we just have to let the dust settle to be able to see through everything in our way.

A Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra hasn’t happened since 1867, and while there is so much to be said about this transition, I will simply say that this new cycle will last approximately 100 years, and its implications affect our personal lives and the entire world stage. It’s likely we will be opening up to each other much more than we have for a long time. Libra wants to understand different perspectives of life, so there is potential for our world to finally witness what it has needed for so long: healing how we relate to those whose perspectives are different than our own. Libra rules Venus, so she’s very happy there and wants to express her enormous exuberance for harmony and balance. May we all recognize the tremendous importance of compassionate acceptance and inclusion, thus breaking down the walls that have kept us from wanting to work towards healthy relations. If you can, make time to pray for humanity’s healing and acceptance of one another. These are very intense and distressing times that we are living in, and any glimmer of hope is much needed for everyone. May this new Sun-Venus cycle be a harbinger of some much needed healing for our world.

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