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November 26 – December 2, 2023

This can be an inspiring week to learn, heal, and consecrate our relationships with divine joy, compassion, and love. It is never too late to bring such high magic into our daily lives, even if it is only in small doses. This week’s ups seem to drown out the downs with hope, creativity, and inspiration, leaving enough space in our consciousness to yield to the chaos without getting lost or confused in whatever fog may drift in from the deep seas.


Sunday, November 26, 2023

Moon in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn

Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces


Our grounding efforts might be hard to see through the fog this morning, but there is room for some progress on the productivity front after that fog lifts in the afternoon. Taking the matters we cannot control out of our hands and leaving them to the powers that be requires a level of vulnerability that some of us may struggle with, but the more we practice this trust in spirit, the more pliable we can be in our daily lives.


Later in the day, after we work hard to stabilize any pressing productivity deadlines, our mental faculties could speed up and want to talk about boundaries, limitations, and forged/unforged plans that need to be put in place. The discussions could veer towards tension if we are not mindful to balance the heavy conversation with some playfulness. We should always allow some space for playfulness, seeing as how so much of what goes on all around us can be much too serious much too often. Remember, it is our responsibility to lighten up!


Monday, November 27, 2023

*Full Moon at 4° Gemini (4:16am EST)*

Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces


Today’s Full Moon pours inspiration like Mana down from the clouds and into our inquisitive minds. While on one hand we will likely find ourselves unusually intrigued by subjects we had not imagined being intrigued by, we are also bound to feel the breath of whispers from the great mysteries seething through our local ethers. How are we divinely inspired? Is there a school of knowledge we feel connects us to our sacred inner sanctum? Today blooms the Gemini blossom of this Scorpio-seeded lunation. What colorful manifestations arise from our composted shadowy depths?


Making time today to sit with our silence and breathe through the thick mud of life that usually gobbles us up might just bring us closer to that stillness we need to see and understand ourselves more intimately. The flash of recognizing the sacredness within might just show up as a petty tyrant we need to reconcile with in order to trust its strange guidance. Sometimes we are led by tricksters down paths we are apprehensive about, only to find something glowingly unexpected. May we mindfully surrender to the whims of what startles our stillness in hopes of discovering what we unexpectedly need more than we realized.


Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Moon in Gemini trine Venus in Libra

Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Gemini opposite Mercury in Sagittarius


Moon’s sequence of major aspects today highlights our ongoing efforts to communicate better with not just the ones we love, but also with those who play an important role in shaping our expanding and evolving consciousness. The morning provides some loving harmony and much-needed emotional relief, hopefully reminding us that not all days are challenging. Much can be shared with loved ones without such potential for emotional turmoil, so we should take advantage of addressing our gratitude, our hopes, and whatever we feel apprehensive about looking ahead.


As the afternoon and evening roll in, our clarity and capacity to focus wavers in the midst of distractions and confusion, but some of this can provide necessary diversions into territories we should be paying attention to. Namely, how our minds resonate with and are stimulated by the chaos and disarray present in the world-at-large, as well as in our own personal lives. How do we relate to that which we cannot understand or control? Hopefully as the evening sets in we will begin to feel some expansive resonance with our place in the universe. This should be carefully scrutinized and dissected for future reference. Knowledge sometimes seeks us to convey it, so we should be ready at all times for our next foray of understanding life more.


Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces

Venus conjunct South Node in Libra

Moon, Jupiter, Sun Yod


As we settle in to a couple of days of reflection and emotional processing, we are reminded how important it is to stabilize and shore up the foundations that support the structures of our lives. And while some of the foundations in many of our lives may have cracked or crumbled over the past year or so, we can always pour a new slab of solid footing upon which we can build a future with healthy boundaries, rules, and aspirations.


There is comfort in holding on to things that bring peace and harmony to our lives, so it should be no surprise that we feel inclined to relish the beauty of such bringers of serenity today. When we place our hearts carefully in the box labeled “Familiar Peace,” no one should argue it is a bad idea, but if we feel the need to stand up for ourselves in doing so, perhaps it is a sign that someone else isn’t paying attention to the value of self-care enough. With all the effort we put into managing our lives the best we can, we should not feel guilty for enjoying a breath of fresh air when time permits.


Even though the roots of today’s Yod weave their way through the mud of our emotions and values, these provide essential nutrients to rise above into the atmospheric exuberance of Sun in Sagittarius. If we feel our footing is unsure or murky, just remember how important it is for us to nurture our bodies with sensuality and affection in a safe and supportive environment. Once we understand these values, we can find it in us to reach up and out into the wilderness of diversity, culture, and the truth that is steeped in the stained beauty of humanity.


Thursday, November 30, 2023

Moon in Cancer square Chiron in Aries

Moon in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Cancer square its North and South Nodes


The emotional toll our childhood wounds have taken on our serenity is unmeasurable, but the rewards of our efforts to live with and learn from those wounds should not be withheld from us. This can come in the form of appreciation, affection, and camaraderie, but without compassion and love, our efforts can feel all for naught. Of course we struggle to heal from whatever atrocities we suffered, and understandably so. This is why we must employ deep and sincere compassion when trying to help others through their own plight.


It may be with sudden spontaneity that we find a means of making more sense of our emotional distress lately. Things have been emotionally challenging for quite some time, so it should not be a surprise when we become all too familiar with what our wits end looks like. Taking it upon ourselves to exercise some form of nurturing will carry us through the trenches of this battle we are fighting together. Maybe, just maybe, we will find some companionship in the boggy thickets of our pain. Assessing our past and its role in our future inevitably helps realign the navigation system of our psyche, but we must make sure we tweak the failures enough to fail less.


Sleep in the stars tonight, because our dreams will be cresting the waves of their light.


Friday, December 1, 2023

Moon in Cancer square Venus in Libra

Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn

*Mercury ingresses Capricorn*

Moon in Leo trine Mars in Sagittarius


Because our emotions often get the better of us, when tense aspects form that can elevate the likelihood of this happening, we should heed the call to prepare accordingly. Instigating forces are afoot in the spaces between ourselves and others today. We can stare them down in a sort of ego standoff, or we can mutually yield to them in hopes of acquiring even the smallest of tools to help bring us closer to one another. No sooner are we yielding to these forces, however, when our choices are being discussed in the higher court of divine law.


Mercury leads the charge into Capricorn country, staging the month ahead with all the necessary props: mountains, rope, gavels, robes, badges, clipboards, and trophies. These are the methods of creating, managing, and maintaining a productive, prosperous, and righteous life. Though the emotional values of compassion, beauty, and love may be tucked in the back of stage left, the significance of the work we do to make life work should never be underestimated. Hopefully we can all put our nose a little closer to the grindstone in hopes of achieving what is best for all those involved. And the vitality present in the fiery Moon-Mars trine is enough to send us all the way up that mountainside, at least in the realm of our visions today.


Saturday, December 2, 2023

Moon in Leo trine Sun in Sagittarius

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries


Feeding off last night’s fiery Moon-Mars trine is today’s fiery Moon-Sun trine. There is a lively, fortuitous, and inspiring inpouring of opportunity and possibility pervading the atmosphere today. We should take full advantage of such vitality by channeling it into the web of our hopes and dreams. How can we weave such brightness and energy into the moments that lie outstretched ahead of us? Maybe we can share everything that brings us joy with someone we love deeply. Maybe we can collaborate with someone who resonates with a vision we have for something immensely creative and epic.


Opening up a dialogue to discuss the spiritual value of discipline does not necessarily resonate with today’s earlier forecast, but we cannot always be dancing through the firmament carelessly waving our flimsy arms in foolish jubilee. There is work to be done, and we must discuss how well we are going to build the buildings of our future. Are we taking into consideration sacred geometry to ensure divinity is woven into the tapestry of what is left of our lives?


After we disembark from this roller coaster, we may find ourselves discovering creative ways to mend the wounds of our past. Maybe if our ambition to heal can conduct enough energy through these divine wires we can watch those wounds heal before our very eyes! Sometimes the best way to heal what seems unhealable is to place it gently in a field of dreams to see if it takes root in our hopes.


Leaving no trace of failure is impossible, but finding new ways to succeed is always possible. If we let this be our anthem of this week, we will do well on our jagged paths of hope. And hope is what we need. Hope for more joy, serenity, peace, friendship, and love. May this holiday season impart all of these bountiful attributes of happiness in hopes of warding off the darkness lurking in the corners of the world filled with pain and suffering.

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