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November 13 - 20, 2022

Preface: This Scorpio season has been ripe for some of the deepest inner work we may face in quite some time. Eclipses magnify the influence of the planets involved in them, aside from Sun and Moon, and these two recent eclipses (Oct 25 and Nov 8) both involved Venus and Mercury, the planets of relationships and communication. The inner pains and struggles to accept ourselves can get the better of us to the point where we become our own worst enemy. Knowing that compassionate and supportive loved ones are there for us can help alleviate our pain and elevate our sense of self-worth to convince us into recognizing how amazing we really are.

Our Sunday is filled with all the feels! We are swimming through the flooded streets of our minds all day long. Moon in Cancer is making a grand trine to the Scorpio stellium* (Sun, Mercury, and Venus) and Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. This is a warm sea bath of enormous emotional influences. Our sensitivity levels are so high we may digress into sadness or depression, and we may be triggered into unnecessary reactions due to our sensitivity, especially with Mars making difficult aspects to that grand trine. But the planets involved in this fortuitous configuration all combine to emanate benevolence and a welling up of a sense of wonder at the immense beauty of Earth, and the magic of the solar system we inhabit. Embrace this planetary arrangement.

As Moon opposes Pluto late Sunday night (after midnight), the profound insights we have had into our shadows and secrets over the past few weeks come into focus and allow us to further understand ourselves. As cliché as it may sound, we have been undergoing a radical transformation of our innermost selves for the sole purpose of developing a more authentic identity and a more positive confident relationship with ourselves. What have you discovered about yourself that, though perhaps subtly known for some time, has resurfaced more clearly and taught you important lessons?

Inner work is hard work. We all struggle with doing that work because it is seldom fun. It is always easier to ignore inner work and settle into a life that seems content. But life doesn’t always allow us to stay settled. There are dark chasms, flooded streets, angry beasts, death, trauma, agony. All these experiences exist in nearly every lifetime, some more than others. As we all know, these difficulties in life help fortify our resolve and mold our identity, making us stronger and wiser in the long run.

Friday brings the Virgo Moon around to oppose Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces and square Mars in Gemini. This is a test of our changeability. The waning Virgo Moon wants us to strip away the unnecessary excesses while it is opposing the duad† of illusion and excess (Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces). Mars in Gemini can assist in breakthroughs if we understand why those breakthroughs are so valuable, so Mars will see to it that we can act on this and forge into our future with a more refined sense of self, but beware of the likelihood of a few battles along the way. Take into consideration that while this Mars-Neptune square is tightening throughout the week, pressure is building in our quest to untangle old knots so that our lines may be coiled neatly for the journey ahead. How do you suppose you can adjust your tack in the right direction?

Our lessons this week are to embrace the changes that lie before us and within us. The hard work that is necessary to triumph through everything must be accepted and acted upon. Inaction will only stifle us and stagnate our innate potential for growth. So, where is the work that needs to be done?

*stellium: a cluster of three or more planets in the same astrological sign or house.

duad: a group of two

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