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March 24-30, 2024

This week is one of somewhat perplexing contrasts, but ultimately a cleansing of our perceptive faculties. We are going through the process of understanding how valuable our interaction with others can be for our own growth and serenity. This not only involves devotion to interaction, but also commitment to traversing the fragmented stories of our trauma for wisdom, clarity, and acceptance. Eclipse season begins Monday with a penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra. What we take away from our interactions with others teaches us indelible evolutionary lessons about ourselves. Most importantly, we are becoming more and more aware of who we are, even if it feels like we are losing ourselves in the process. Sometimes when we find ourselves lost at sea, we suddenly “wake up to find out that we are the eyes of the world.”


Sunday, March 24, 2024

Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

Venus in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Libra trine Pluto in Aquarius


We likely feel prepared to fix things up around our house today, but those plans could get waylaid before too long if the topic of household finances surfaces, which it very well could. It is a great day to get our Sunday chores taken care of first thing in the morning before our physical duties get overtaken by our metaphysical tendencies. Lovely loving Venus in Pisces is not just prone to waxing poetic, she is also prone to nonchalantly tossing aside any concerns about our finances and sustainability, so it would be wise to allow our thoughts to wander through the financial forests.


This can help set the stage for a more confident and relaxing evening enjoying some good conversation amongst friends or just with someone we love dearly. There is a bit of a relieving decompression emanating through the atmosphere that will feel very welcoming and perhaps even intellectually stimulating. It would certainly not be a bad thing to consider future ideals and plans with a partner or friend tonight. The mental faculties are excited and exciting our other bodies, especially as Moon waxes full late tonight.


Monday, March 25, 2024

*Lunar Penumbral Eclipse (Full Moon) at 5° Libra at 3:00am EDT*


Today’s early morning Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Libra may be the only major aspect today, but there is no shortage of value in understanding its impact. Of course every Full Moon is impactful due to its complete reflective emanation of sunlight, so let’s understand the impact of this eclipse.


This penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra shows us how relevant and valuable other people are to us. From the perspective of individualism and solitude, we often forget that we literally need other people to be a part of our lives. Sure, we can live alone, go to the store for food, eat at restaurants, go bowling, exercise, and read, but at what point are we experiencing any baseline for our actions and beliefs? At what point are we noticing the subtle inferences in gesture, tone, and feeling from someone else? And when do we recognize how similar or dissimilar other people are to us?


These are the invaluable and lasting influences other people have upon every facet of our being. We need interaction with others to uplift us, inspire us, and help us come to vital realizations about who we are, what we stand for, how we feel about ourselves and others, and to essentially identify with ourselves through social interaction. When we experience social exchange, we develop our individuality, our identity, and our capacity to relate to the world around us in all its myriad forms and feelings. How have we developed our unique identity and learned to love ourselves? How can we learn to cherish the impact others have upon us more than we have thus far? Let’s delight and relish our relationship with everyone who means something special to us. And let’s take at least a few moments to feel deeply into the importance of them.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Moon in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries

Moon in Libra opposite Mercury in Aries


As we continue to contend with the medley of planets in Pisces and Aries, Moon swings through all the other signs sometimes gleefully and sometimes forebodingly. Today’s opposition to Chiron and then Mercury from its tenure in Libra reiterates yesterday’s Full Moon influences, but takes it to the arena of self-mastery through healing our perception of our personal trauma. This is no casual matter, of course, so the subtle growth of intensity throughout the day might cause us to shudder to think about our personal trauma. But can we carve a little window of time to sit and ponder the pain in our past?


As I have mentioned numerous times when delineating the influence of Chiron, we are dealing with somewhat abstract memories that are oftentimes fragmented and unclear, mostly due to our repressing them from our consciousness. When we allow ourselves to patiently replay the stories, all the while nurturing our inner child with love and compassion, certain realizations, truths, and falsehoods arise. These allow us to discover something even more sacred: a clear and informed perception of the source of our pain and suffering. Once we gain that, we have abundantly fortified our capacity to thrive moving forward.


Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Moon in Scorpio square Pluto in Aquarius

Moon in Scorpio trine Mars in Pisces


Shifting away from the acquiescing tendencies of the Libra Moon, we dive headlong through the portals of our psyche into the fluctuating dark depths of our unconsciousness. This might be undertaken with a loved one or friend, but ultimately that road is our own and no one else’s. There can be an agitating fixation upon the dilemma of doing our inner shadow work and avoiding it for the sake of sanity and joy. While the former eventually helps us heal and evolve into more peaceful and compassionate individuals, the latter is alluring for its short-term solution to those otherwise heavy barbells suffocating us.


We may find ourselves caught between these choices at some point today, so if we prepare for the possible onslaught of this potentially unconscious experience by reminding ourselves that our darkness is not unique to us, we just might be able to make it to the other shore by the end of the day, or at least by the end of tomorrow. Steeping our own compassion in those deep waters of our psyche will most certainly help quell any fear or anxiety such recesses might otherwise induce. We must be loving, patient, and kind to ourselves if we are to make valuable progress through such evolutionary voyages.


Thursday, March 28, 2024

Moon in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces

Venus in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Scorpio trine Venus in Pisces


Are we ever experiencing the meaning of bringing spirit into form today! When we consider the contrast between the physical and metaphysical, we begin to recognize the simple serenity within their relationship to one another. When we stretch our body through practicing yoga or other similar disciplines, we eventually experience the sensation of the subtle energies awakening within and around us. This is a perfect metaphor for our day. When we put forth the effort to awaken to our spirit, we eventually experience what it means to embody our spirit.


These metaphysical experiences are not to be taken lightly, especially if we diligently notice exactly what is happening in our surroundings and in our minds when they occur. While we strive to pay close attention to this today, we might also more mundanely be inclined to consider our financial sustainability and our ability to stabilize anything that may be spiraling out of control in that area of our lives. Money is an issue for most people, an issue that requires faith and confidence. When we have both of these virtues tucked securely under our belt, we already have the majority of what it takes to create abundance in our lives. Not just financial abundance, but emotional, sensual, and spiritual abundance.


Friday, March 29, 2024

Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Sagittarius sextile Pluto in Aquarius


Basking in the etheric hum of Neptunian frequencies may not get our daily banal work accomplished, but it sure does realign our life force with our physical body. Think of any powerful low frequency music you have heard. By that I mean low hertz, not low vibes. Such deep resonating music can restructure our cells and facilitate physical healing. When we open ourselves up to allowing such an experience to engulf us, we may not be checking humdrum items off our to-do list, but we most certainly are advancing the evolution of our consciousness.


This practice of allowing depth resonance to heal us will also facilitate an enlightening perspective of the world in which we live. What heights can we reach if we consider the possibilities no one has considered before? Are there ideas worth implementing that only we have happened upon? So much growth, opportunity, and expansion can occur in our lives if we are only willing enough to accept that certain subtle changes might need to happen along the way. How can we undergo such a metamorphosis if we vehemently cling to methodologies that are no longer expanding and inspiring our consciousness?


Saturday, March 30, 2024

Moon in Sagittarius square Mars in Pisces

Moon in Sagittarius trine Sun in Aries


The dichotomy between astute knowledge and bliss through reckless abandon may seem stark, but ultimately, the former informs the latter of how to achieve that bliss. Like one translation of chapter 48 of the Tao Te Ching says, “In pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. In the practice of the Tao, every day something is dropped.” These words may resonate to each of us differently, but there is also a dissonance within them that may more accurately convey today’s experience.


As that dissonance sorts itself out and the tension therein gradually releases, our celestial luminaries regain harmony and inspire creativity and action in any sphere of our life that calls for the expansion of our consciousness. The vessel that contains our consciousness is ever growing if we water it with knowledge and shine the light of wordless, majestic beauty upon it. Whatever tension may start our day, it is quite likely to dissipate enough to enjoy our Saturday night with peace and serenity. Have fun and be safe out there!


This week is the invocation of eclipse season. This brings with it chimes of mystery and illusion, tidal ebbs and flows, and the experience of gain and loss. What are we gaining and what are we losing? While these may be tangible, there are quite likely a few intangible, metaphysical facets of our lives that are being exchanged for more polished gems to resonate our souls into a brighter future. May the journey be adventurous, inspiring, and find us alive and reveling in our metamorphosis on the other shore!

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