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June 4-10, 2023

The transformative turnstiles we all must approach and eventually burst out of are rising to meet us this week. There is a need for creative growth, trust, and hope for our journey ahead. How can we expect to make our lives better if we don’t learn to trust in our creative potential to facilitate improvements to how we frame our thinking and make better choices? Sticking to what we know and understand helps us feel stable enough to consider new knowledge, different perspectives, and unique ways to work for what we desire.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron* in Aries

Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus

There is an open invitation today to explore and seek clarity about the traumas and suffering we have endured throughout our lives. This sort of exploration is not usually sought after by most of us, but it does surface from time to time, depending upon who we are and what we have been through. The relationship we have with our own wounds can be subtle, complex, and often barely deciphered, so it is best to approach the process delicately and with immense compassion towards ourselves.

The Mercury and Uranus conjunction can sharpen our senses and clear the channels to incoming revelations that might teach us how to improve our financial situation through some sort of enhancement or upgrade to our perspective on the overall picture. These two planets are the primary influencers of our mental bodies, so there can be profound acuity coupled with the stabilizing and grounding influence that Taurus imparts. We would do well to listen carefully and open our minds to unexpected ideas and input while we engage with others today.

Monday, June 5, 2023

Moon in Capricorn trine North Node and Jupiter in Taurus

Venus ingresses Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius

Moon in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces

We might recognize the value of disciplining ourselves more today in order to improve our relationships, accomplish what we feel needs to be accomplished, and not get hung up on distractions that impede our progress doing both of those things.

There is work to be done to succeed in our mission, and today extends that opportunity to us if we approach it with determination and the right intentions. If we are in a close relationship, the desire to improve it, strengthen it, and create more playfulness within it emboldens us to delight in what is possible. This all may come at the cost of certain challenges we may not wish to face, but if we can see beyond the struggles and uphill battles, the potentials shine brightly for us in the end.

Whether we are in a close relationship or not, our passion to creatively express ourselves authentically and boldly in ways that empower us to perform our legacy for the world to see encapsulate this Venus ingress opposite Pluto. It is high time we take a walk in the woods, so to speak, in order to discover how we wish to creatively inspire others to make something beautiful out of their lives.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus and Mercury in Taurus

Continuing through the influence of yesterday’s empowering Venus ingress and Moon’s flowing trine with its North Node and Jupiter, today’s mental acuity helps us sharply focus on our values, goals, and inspirations to solidify the foundations upon which they can be nurtured and manifested. While Moon approaches Pluto, the values that help define our intentions pervade our minds and can reach a crescendo of inspiration that in turn pervades our entire being. It is so important to develop a sense of inspiration about something to fuel our creativity, desires, and happiness in life. Today could open us up to what that something may be.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Moon ingresses Aquarius, conjunct Pluto, opposite Venus in Leo

Moon in Aquarius square its North Node and Jupiter in Taurus

The inspiration and creativity that we spent the last few days seeking, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, can culminate with an empowering perspective we may not be expecting. While it can be difficult to change our mindset about many things, if we sincerely work hard to open our minds up to ideas and possibilities we had never considered, today can unveil the canvas upon which we can paint the beautiful journey that lies ahead.

There is tension, resistance, and perhaps fearful feelings of letting go emanating from all around us. This tension can be what sparks a commitment to switch up the way we go about many things in our lives. It is never easy to change our ways, and the clichés that abound in spiritual circles to do just that may dishearten us to believe we need to, but if we reflect upon our past and notice all the times and ways we changed throughout our lives, we might find the beauty in that process and become more inspired to do something positive for ourselves.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Moon in Aquarius trine Sun in Gemini

Venus in Leo square Moon’s Nodes

The theme of empowering our future through creative inspiration and expression continues to play out today. Our focus is sharpened by the luminary air trine, and our journey ahead is marked by the lovely pervading flair of Venus in Leo, making this a beautiful day to socialize amongst others who inspire us and believe in our passions and potential to grow and thrive.

This is not a day to waste on inconsequentials and menial tasks, if possible. If we do find ourselves having to take care of such things, perhaps we can at least make them acts that allow us to meditate and contemplate the beauty of our soul’s potential in any direction we desire.

We might wish to start a conversation with a few people that breathes new life into our soul. We should be seeking the wisdom of others, believing in our own higher consciousness, and somehow finding it in us to transcend the confines of the habits and patterns of our past to renew and redeem ourselves, thus opening our hearts and minds to the smiles waiting for us up ahead.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Moon ingresses Pisces

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces

Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Today we are learning how to trust in that which we don’t understand and can’t control. The message is to let go and let it flow. So much of our lives are spent busying ourselves with things we deem matter most, and often they do matter most: working, cooking, cleaning, appointments, hygiene, sleep, etc. But other times we seem to be swept away with our days in ways we can’t explain. Things just seem to come out of nowhere or take us down roads we haven’t been down before or didn’t know we would find ourselves on. Today is one of those days.

We are asked to look at our resources and all that we have to ensure a certain level of security and sustainability, but also to perhaps reframe our thinking to envision situations that would work more efficiently and sufficiently, thus creating a greater sense of confidence and hope for where we might be going and how we can get there.

Discipline and adherence to our inner truth and determination always help garner what is needed to accomplish what we set out to do. Today’s timekeepers join in the sign of timelessness and truth, hazing over their typical trusted methods of reliability and emotional maturity. What can we learn and embrace from employing such etheric approaches to our everyday lives? We can learn how beautifully the organic unfolding of existence can continue to provide for us. We can learn the value of mystery and intrigue, and how to accept the inevitability of their presence in all of our days.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Sun in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries

Moon in Pisces square Sun in Gemini

Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus

These transits reiterate a good deal of yesterday’s lessons, yet add the important level of deep emotional healing from Chiron. This transit is especially conducive to applying whatever pertinent knowledge we have learned to better understand and work through the painful traumas and moments of suffering we all have endured on some level.

Our independence doesn’t have to vanish in the haze. We can reach out to someone we trust and love to listen and hold space for us while we divulge what still feels unresolved in our lives. Sometimes the greatest gift is a dear friend who is not just available but willing to love us and treat us with empathy and compassion in times of despair.

Through all of these potentials, we are awakening to the magic of our consciousness and how it can transform our thoughts and how we might try to imagine things being a little better. How do we harness the often harsh winds of change with sails and masts that can withstand the fury of their onslaught? Though change is not always sudden or massive, sometimes revelations inspire sufficient means to enact small changes along the way. This is what might land in our laps today. How are we going to navigate the long and winding road ahead in order to get to the door we have envisioned ourselves stepping through?

This is a week of empowering our senses to help embody our spirits in the creativity and expressive qualities we each contain within. It is good to remember that we contain multitudes, so there is never one answer or one direction to the confusion and mysteries of life. We must learn to have faith in where we stand and the steps we will take in front of us. There is seldom any shortage of choices that can enhance our outlook, situation, and faith in life. Where are you going from here?

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