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June 2-8, 2024

This is an invigorating week filled with fervor, reverence, and hope for all the myriad possibilities that lie ahead for us. We are inclined to charge forth at the start of the week, perhaps not thinking enough about what we are doing or why, so hopefully we do not make too many rash decisions. Eventually, we begin to realize the value of strategically planning how to proceed, which gives way to a brilliant renewal of excitement and hope on the Gemini New Moon on Thursday. There is an immense amount of mental activity leading up to and after the New Moon, inspiring us to brainstorm and consider so many opportunities and ideas. This uplifts our spirits and our attitudes, which is always incredibly healthy. By week’s end we are settling in for a few days of contemplation to process all of those brilliant possibilities.


Sunday, June 2, 2024

Moon conjunct Chiron and Mars in Aries

Jupiter in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius

Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces


There is a feisty and passionate air today, inclining us toward acting upon our instincts and independent desires. Do we know what we desire? If we do not, we are more likely to act upon our passions less consciously, which can lead to heated debates and misplaced anger or frustration. If we are aware of what we desire, we can utilize this transit to focus intently upon those desires with tactful strategy and focus. We should all be mindful of the potential for short fuses today, so reminding ourselves to lead with our hearts will ensure a more productive and peaceful Sunday.


The weekend has already likely seen some deeply emotional and evolutionary conversations, which at times may seem overanalytical or too overwhelming to be productive, but there is a very open and flowing opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings with someone we love. It is a perfect, and likely unavoidable, time to be opening up out of our typical shell of resistance to talk about our future, our opportunities, and whatever we may have learned lately about ourselves or anything else.


All this is coupled with deep thinking about how to manifest and sustain a meaningful practice of love and compassion in our daily lives. The gates are open to consider the value of such a practice and how it can help us grow into happier, less stressed, and more peaceful individuals. Indulgence in the pleasures of life is likely tonight, but let’s consider the spiritual impact of such avenues and how they affect that path of lucidity and love.


Monday, June 3, 2024

*Mercury ingresses Gemini*

Moon in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius


Our minds are sharpening, our tasks are being accomplished with greater ease, and we are finding ourselves more and more enticed by traveling, learning, and meeting new people. Such is the case when Mercury ingresses its domicile of Gemini. We tend to want to break out of whatever monotonous rut we may have felt stuck in, and this is a very welcome shift in our mental landscape. Our inclinations are less fixated on stability and resistance and more likely to seek conversation, new inspiration, and a renewed zest for life, especially with Mercury about to join Jupiter in Gemini tomorrow. These can be very exciting moments, despite other transits.


Speaking of other transits, our consideration of that which helps us grow and evolve is grappling with the sustainability of what endures and remains unchanged. This dilemma may unfurl somehow today. On one hand we should be honoring and welcoming the inner work necessary to raise our consciousness in healthy and uplifting ways. While on the other hand we should be respecting the foundations and resources that help safeguard our stability and sustainability. Learning how to incorporate both of these benevolent approaches into our lives will help create a fulfilling and more joyful life.


Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Gemini

Moon in Taurus sextile Saturn in Pisces

Venus conjunct Sun in Gemini

Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus



What has led up to today can show us what our thoughts and aspirations have evolved into. Of course we may still feel confused about some of our ideas and pursuits, but something seems to fall into place today that reveals more about the direction we are leaning towards. There is mental acuity, stable groundedness, and immense love and appreciation for the beautiful bliss we are hopefully desiring more and more of in our lives. So much could be written about today’s transits, but the gist of what is important is summed up as such.


Sometimes we are given the space and freedom to look off into the unknown over vast horizons of possibility, hoping, dreaming, and figuring out what it is we love and cherish. There are infinite modalities we can embrace throughout our lives, and sometimes those we choose morph into brand new exciting chapters. Today might very well seem like a rebirth of our minds. The transmutation that occurs unconsciously as the days go by is often not noticed, but when sparks set fire to something new in our lives, it is very difficult for these to be disregarded, much less forgotten.


Let us bask in our blissful sparkling newness and profound revelations that are sure to shape the course of our lives. Life certainly takes its toll on all of us to some degree or another, often much more than we want it to, but when moments such as these arrive, it is up to us to embrace all that it has to teach us about life. Surely we are learning some incredible new things about ourselves, our loved ones, and especially the world in which we live. Love and opportunity abound at this time.


Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Moon in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius

Moon conjunct Jupiter and Mercury in Gemini


The preponderance of mental activity and lucidity abounds today, amplifying the wealth of potential our minds afford us. What have we learned lately? What do we want to learn more about? Where are we pining to go someday? Who do we want to meet or spend more time with in our lives? These are Gemini questions of future hopes and dreams. We are learning, loving, and growing every day of our lives, even though it seems sometimes like we are digressing, imploding, losing, or running aground. Our outlook and attitude practically guarantee the nature of our experiences, so reflecting upon how our outlooks and attitudes have shaped our lives thus far is most certainly in the queue today.


As summer is coming into the fold in the northern hemisphere, life itself is bursting forth all around us. Flowers are blooming, the warmth of the Sun is embracing us, the lakes and seas are calling us to swim in them, and all the pains and woes of the winter blues are being shed. It should be no surprise that as we head toward tomorrow’s New Moon in Gemini, we are feeling rather exhilarated about what is coming down the pipeline during the next month. Of course there are always challenges, pains, sorrows, and losses, but barring the onset of anything unexpected, which is always possible, it is a most opportune time to look forward to what lies ahead.


Thursday, June 6, 2024

*New Moon at 16° Gemini at 8:37am EDT*

Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini

Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries


This is a sensational New Moon that carries us forward with hopeful intentions rooted in joy and invigorating mental activity. We all wish to be happy as often as possible, but sometimes certain traumas condition us to believe we do not deserve such joy and serenity. This can incline us toward depression, pessimism, hopelessness, and even victim consciousness. While we cannot live every moment peacefully or blissfully, we are most definitely capable of trying. As we work towards such sustaining such joy, we find out what gets in the way, and oftentimes it is our own thoughts, insecurities, and fears. Taking a time out when we stumble across these cracks in the sidewalk can help us become more and more aware of what or who exactly impedes this process.


The hard realities we suffer facing in life can easily be blamed for what gets in the way of our happiness, but they also teach us where we can focus more energy to help facilitate more happiness. Is something not working well in our career, relationships, financial situation, health, or any other facet of life? Saturn asks us to point our focus there in order to fix those issues, which will in turn help pave the way for greater serenity, grace, and happiness. After all we have learned along the way, how can we put our heads together to design a more loving, stress-free, and enjoyable future for ourselves and those we love? These are uplifting intentions worthy of such a New Moon.


Friday, June 7, 2024

Moon in Gemini sextile Mars in Aries

Moon in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces


After all the possible joy and hope we healthily developed over the past few days, we are inevitably faced with the work necessary to facilitate it. Today our fervor for breaking free from the bonds that have held us back fire us up and ignite that instinctive drive to make it all happen. Motivation is the word of the day, despite the likelihood for some confusion and doubt to seep in from the cracks in the walls. Getting excited has not been too difficult lately, but when we fall back into old patterns, that excitement can give way to second guessing any new motivations we have nurtured. This is a test that requires integrity and determination, which are likely available to us but could be hanging in the balance to some degree.


How do we reconcile our light-hearted hopefulness with the deep overwhelm of surrendering to what we cannot control? Does the rest of the world have to watch while we suffer the consequences of not properly planning, designing, or navigating our path forward? Sometimes we act without thinking through what might happen afterwards. This is the pitfall that should be carefully considered today. Not only does what we know and not know determine the fate of our voyage, but how we make decisions based on our knowledge does, too. We would do well to be patient and motivated and not make any rash decisions today.


Saturday, June 8, 2024

Venus in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Cancer square its nodes

Moon in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces


We have been consistently dealing with a rather nebulous infrastructure in our lives over the past year. Being unsure of the integrity of the nuts and bolts that hold things together can create anxiety, doubt, and despair, which can lead to giving up on things due to trust issues. What we are learning is how to surrender to that which we cannot control and trusting that when the clouds and fog dissipate we will grow more certain of how to build a new future upon a more reliable and trustworthy foundation.


What can we trust? Who can we trust? We should know by now that all things come and go, including trust, hope, and doubt. These are cycles that are activated often. The ups and downs of life are always at play. As such, we must not give up on the dreams we still believe in. Processing the magnitude of what those dreams imply is not to be accomplished in a brief period of time, but over an extended period of time. We are working through how we feel about all of this today, taking all of our recent mental stimulation and turning it inward and down into the processing regions of our body to digest it.


It may be an exciting week, that is for sure! If we take the time to exercise patience and maintain a positive and uplifting attitude, we are sure to improve our mental health. And while such positivity is always so healthy for us, we must not be naïve and think that hard work and emotional suffering will not return and wrack our souls with their inevitable tendrils of annoying persistence. Doing our work the best we can, strategizing our path forward, enjoying the pleasures of life, and not taking anything too personally or seriously will ensure a healthy outlook and more hopefully and happy future for ourselves and those we love.

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