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July 31 - August 7, 2022

This week begins with a powerful and important conjunction between Mars, Uranus, and the North Node* at 18° Taurus on Sunday and Monday, so check your chart for anything near this degree and sign. Mars initiates, often without thinking, Uranus rebels and seeks higher standards, and the North Node is our forward progress and growth. Because Taurus represents our personal values and resources, we must be mindful not to rashly waste resources on lofty ideals, and instead initiate growth through refining and upgrading our values. What are the things that are truly most important to us? Follow that path and be sure to consider all intentions and outcomes before moving forward with action. Be aware that moving forward with action is called for here, just do it as mindfully as possible. This conjunction colors not just the rest of the week and month, but the next 15 years ahead. It last occurred on March 31, 2007, so you can reflect back on what was happening in your life around then. And finally, be aware that this conjunction brings an abundance of electrifying energy that can manifest as eruptive behavior, so keep reactions and frustrations in check so kindness and compassion prevail.

Mercury moves into its ruling sign of Virgo early Thursday morning and stays there for the rest of the summer, allowing us to refine and organize all that may need attention, including whatever it is we may have sought to bring forth into existence on the New Moon and during the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction. A beautiful time to make things more nearly right than wrong. Get busy, do it well, and stay healthy!

On Friday, the Scorpio Moon is conjunct the South Node* (and opposes the point of Monday’s conjunction), bringing a wealth of wisdom from deep within our emotions. Listen carefully in the silence for it. There will be a feeling of comfort here if we handled things wisely throughout the week, especially with nurturing Venus in Cancer trining this deep watery Scorpio Moon. Go swim like a seal or float on a river. The waters are so healing.

As the week ends, Mars will square Saturn. We may experience some form of authority in our faces, or we may be that authority in someone else’s face. Take stock of what is aligned with Truth and what is not. This is where the troubles will be if there are any. Mars-Saturn transits can be hard-headed, so stay soft, forgiving, and gentle as much as possible.

In short, be prepared for a fast-paced action-packed week. Plan ahead, cross your T’s and dot your I’s, consider intentions and hypotheticals, and be full of hope and grace.

*The North and South Node of the Moon are invisible points in space. Astronomically, the nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbital path crosses the ecliptic, which is the Sun's apparent annual path on the celestial sphere. Astrologically, the South Node represents where we come from, what we’re very adept at and familiar with, and where we can stagnate if we don’t seek our North Node. The North Node represents our ideal karmic path forward, the direction of growth and progress, and a focus point to always look to, as a compass points to Polaris. These points are always exactly opposite one another, and the polarity of them should always be considered when interpreting astrological influences.

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