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January 8 - 14, 2023

This is a week to organize, plan, and refine our goals for the future. So much can be accomplished at this time, but only in the initial organizing and planning stages. Action should not be taken at full throttle until later in the month, if possible. At the very least, wait until after January 12th to begin forward motion on any plans put in place.

Sunday’s (January 8th) Moon in Leo opposes Venus in Aquarius and sextiles Mars at its stationing degree of 8° Gemini. This is a fun, frisky, and exciting alignment that is likely to bring some anticipation and spontaneity to our day, especially with Mercury trining Uranus. Mercury and Uranus in this aspect always open up doors to the elevated reaches of our minds, offering sudden glimpses into discoveries we have been needing to encounter or re-encounter. In the same breath, we may find ourselves ready for some Sunday Funday activities after a weekend of feeling cozy and nestled into our homes, so get your dance shoes on, turn up the music, and break out your favorite smile to end the weekend in good spirits. The week ahead requires tactful focus and intention.

Monday’s (January 9th) Venus-Mars trine shines an uplifting lovelight onto our path forward. The mind is racing with ideas and excitement about our passions, desires, and everything we hold dear, especially all the things we want to accomplish in 2023. But don’t take action on these things until at least Thursday, January 12th, when Mars stations direct again (more about that below). This instead is the ideal time to consolidate our most important visions for what lies ahead by laying out a solid plan, and Moon’s opposition to Saturn also helps to nudge us toward developing the structure necessary for manifesting these visions. An apropos day to get busy with it!

Tuesday, January 10th, leads us into refining our vision boards and weeding out everything that unnecessarily remains on it, thanks to Moon sliding into Virgo. All of these aspects leading up to Mars moving forward again on Thursday are about discovering desires we didn’t know we had, facing desires we have resisted, or revealing long-forgotten desires we have brushed aside. Either way, the focus must be sharp and clear all week. Avoid any form of escaping or neglecting this work that must be diligently done at this time.

Wednesday, January 11th, we continue weeding through the unnecessaries in our life, and part of that includes our health. As Moon in Virgo trines Mercury in Capricorn at 9:58am EST, the revelations are strong and important, coming in hot off the Mercurial wires that are teeming with reflection and remembrance. And Moon’s role in this trine is centered on what is healthiest and most beneficial to making our revelations work for us. How can everything we hope to achieve manifest without proper organization, preparation, and the elimination of unnecessary distractions? Additionally, Venus squares Moon’s nodes early in the morning on Wednesday, influencing us to examine our past and future through the lens of an upgraded value system. Bringing a more awakened consciousness to our values and relationships allows for a much needed shift on our path. A shift that can bring so much more inspiration and enlightenment into our lives.

Thursday, January 12th, is ripe with activating influences. The early morning Moon-Sun trine blesses us with freedom of expression and a more-than-usual capacity to see things clearly and reflect upon how we are finally going to get all of these organized plans moving. However, as Moon opposes Neptune later in the morning, we may find ourselves doubting whether our plans and goals are exactly what we want. We must persevere through this confusion and doubt and have faith in those goals. The deceptive tendencies of Neptune must be reprogrammed within us as spiritual inspiration to make our valuable dreams come true. Don’t be deceived! These tests of doubt are simply that: tests. Can you pass the test?

At 3:57pm EST on Thursday, January 12th, Mars stations direct at 8° Gemini after being retrograde since October 30th. This is the first action shift I have been referring to for a few weeks. The first of two more stations coming (Mercury Jan 18th, Uranus Jan 22nd), Mars stationing direct signals our inner motivation and verve to put our transmissions back into drive and surge ahead once again. Though the apparent forward movement of Mars will take a bit of time to gain speed, we are all finally feeling like we can get things accomplished again. The lull and stagnation lifts and our excitement and passions get sparked. Go forth in peace and good spirits!

Friday, January 13th, we may be feeling held back, limited, or as though boundaries are being crossed in our lives, due to the aspects between Sun, Saturn, and Neptune. These limitations can lead to additional uncertainty from the day before, and these tests can have a hold on our consciousness that impedes our advancements. It is best to remind ourselves that life is full of tests we must take and conquer in order to achieve anything of value. Freeing ourselves from mindsets that focus on the frustrations of these tests can inspirationally liberate us toward success.

Saturday’s (January 14th) Libra Moon is amplified by Venus’s square to Uranus in Taurus. Venus is in Uranus’s sign and Uranus is in Venus’s sign (a mutual reception), as has been the case since January 2nd. These influences magnify the importance of recognizing our values and relationships, as well as how we identify with them. Scrutinizing ourselves on this level can be revelatory and redeeming, especially if we don’t kid ourselves. Stubborn refusal to elevate the consciousness of our relationships can be devastating. Taking stock of every single thing that is important to us, every single thing that is important to those we love, and weighing them against every single thing that hinders the growth of those relationships is center stage today. What needs to change? What needs to be undone? How can we gracefully let these things go?

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