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January 22-28, 2023

Sunday, January 22nd, finds us in a very Aquarian space. Venus is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius today, and this will unfold over a day or two as a test to see if we have made progress bringing some more conducive structure to our relationships, as well as some prioritization to what is most important in our lives. There are elements of money, work, relations, and confidence at play here. How are we going to better manage our money? How are we going to sustain ourselves with the work we are doing? Are we pursuing a new path in our life, and if so, do we have the confidence to build a sustainable income with our valuable skill sets? These difficult questions will arise, subtly or not, at some point today or tomorrow.

Mercury moves into an exact trine with the North Node and a sextile with the South Node of the Moon on Sunday, too. This whole window of time (fading into the week ahead), asks us very similar questions to those I posed in the previous paragraph. How are we managing our life so that there are breakthroughs and improvements of growth, confidence, and prioritized structure? The lessons will seem to appear out of nowhere, so it is wise to be wise to their appearances.

Finally, on Sunday at 5:59pm EST, Uranus stations direct at 14° Taurus, finalizing the three direct stations this month (Mars on Jan 12th and Mercury on Jan 18th). As these three planets generally symbolize speed, action, communication, and movement, their transitions into direct motion amplify the opportunities available to go ahead with plans, commitments, and important decisions of any kind. So, let’s make it work!

Moon moves into Pisces on Monday afternoon, January 23rd, blessing us with feelings of letting go. Letting go of the hold life can have on us. Letting go of the high-pressure stresses life demands of us. Letting go of worrying about too many things. Though it is a Monday, hopefully this Pisces Moon will bring some relaxing relief to the beginning of the work week. A great evening to soak in a bath, read a book, binge some fun show or movie, or just peacefully unwind in a quiet space.

Tuesday, January 24th, Moon sextiles Uranus and then Sun sextiles Jupiter, both stimulating action and all-encompassing progress of some sort. Each of these luminaries and planets are in signs ruled by each of the four elements, so there is a feeling like much can be accomplished and taken care of today. It is important to realize, however, that these sextiles can induce feelings of overwhelm and a sense that there is too much to accomplish; that there is no way we can do everything that may be asked of us. Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus is the more subdued sextile of the two, but Pisces can bring overwhelm and Uranus can be overstimulating, so the combination could prove a lot to contend with. And with Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries, the drive and ambition could create expectations that are hard to meet, even for ourselves. So, the best formula for this scenario is to be prepared ahead of time by prioritizing our to-do list in order to maximize efficiency and not get waylaid by distractions or indecisions.

Wednesday morning, January 25th, would be a good time to take note of our dreams, since Moon joined Neptune in Pisces in the middle of the night. Often this transit can produce deep sleep and revelatory dreams. Moon’s passing sextile with Pluto occurs with Venus exactly between them, so the story here is identifying with how we relate to those in our community and circle of friends from a transpersonal perspective. It should not be surprising when someone in such a circle strikes up a conversation with you about anything spiritual, psychological, philosophical, or astrological. And as Moon shifts into Aries and meets up with Jupiter later in the evening, we feel the energizing drive to go forth and pursue our passions. Be mindful that this may also induce a level of angst and agitation related to our independence. The “my way or the highway” syndrome. Keep the peace tonight!

On Thursday, January 26th, Mercury in Capricorn is applying to a square to Chiron in Aries, bringing into focus our inner wounds and how we are healing from them. Moon squares Mercury first, but soon joins Chiron and they all indulge in reminding us how useful the knowledge we gained through the suffering we endured has made us wiser. It is not for the faint of heart to examine our trauma in such a way that we find value in it, but sometimes the difficult lessons in life are learned through doing exactly that inspection. Hold space with a dear friend or loved one if you need to. Don’t feel ashamed or afraid to ask that of them. Just be sure compassion is the most prevalent presence in the room.

And just like that, Venus has transited through the entire sign of Aquarius in 24 days! At 9:33pm EST on Thursday, she moves into Pisces, sending our affectionate and beautifying natures into the deep, dreamy, and indulging waters of unifying love. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it is not always so. During this transit of Venus in Pisces, we would do well to notice how present we are being for those we love, as well as how present those we love are being with us. Often times Pisces can bring abandonment or unavailability, so reflecting on where this dynamic could be occurring in our lives would be worthwhile. We should also notice during this transit how aligned we are with our loved one(s) on a spiritual or divine level. Is there an element of deep inner connection, or a shared practice of enhancing a deep inner connection? Find your own bliss and follow it. This is the tune to dance to for the next three weeks.

Mentioned earlier, Mercury applies to an exact square to Chiron early Friday morning, January 27th, influencing the recognition of our wounds, vulnerabilities, and insecurities, and perhaps how all those boundaries that may have been crossed have helped us set new ones in order to protect and heal ourselves from such traumatic experiences. Talking about these issues could prove difficult but transformative today. But as Moon in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn later in the afternoon, tensions could surface and erupt in ways we don’t expect, so find a healthy outlet for potential anger or frustration: running, swimming, hiking, or boxing. As Moon shifts into Taurus Friday evening, we are settling in to our creature comforts and yummy comfort foods. So the menu for Friday is psychotherapy, exercise, shower, eat!

Saturday, January 28th, is our day to look far into the future. In doing so, we should be asking ourselves how we will be able to sustain our journey there, how we can manifest those dreams, and what sort of lovely accoutrements we would like along the way. The transit of Moon across its North Node and Uranus once again influences these issues in our lives: the values, the relationships, the ambiance, the surroundings, the resources, and the capacity to sculpt all these wonderful things with our own two hands. Especially with Sun squaring Moon’s nodes today, the visibility of all these reveries is crystal clear. We can see upriver and downriver. We can see all the wild adventures and lessons from our past. We can reflect upon how much wiser we have become through all those miles, and we make time to analyze what it is we would like our future to look like moving forward. There is a need for hope and vision here. There is a need to evolve our perspectives so that brightness can outshine the darkness. Where are we going? What is waiting for us there? How can we make it?

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