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January 14-20, 2024

The alchemy evident in this week’s transitions will pervade the rest of our lives, especially if we are mindful to harness its potential. So much of what we are working through involves righting wrongs, taking responsibility for past actions, shoring up boundaries, and processing devastating losses. We have been soaking in a cold bath of tradition and conformity, yet stumbling over our own travails in order to notice this. What we have been through and endured has fortified us to begin the process of progress in ways we are not even aware of yet. How many can we find? How will we improve our future with what we have learned from the past?


Sunday, January 14, 2024

Moon conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Pisces sextile Mars in Capricorn

Venus in Sagittarius trine Moon’s North Node in Aries


While a Pisces Moon calls for letting go of our expectations and general plans, there is considerably more grounding potential during today’s initial ingress. There is a reiteration of the need to secure our boundaries, reputation, and foundations upon which our future is supported. And though these things may still seem quite indistinct and unclear, we are facing this haze each month, so hopefully we have garnered a better understanding of their place in our lives and how to implement and sustain them.


This all may come into greater focus as Moon slides into back-to-back sextiles with Jupiter and Mars in earth signs. There is an opportunity to align our philosophical and/or spiritual values with our bodies through some form of physical integration. This could be any form of mindful and awakening exercise, even walking or jogging. While fleeting, the aspect can help instill purposeful reminders into our psyches for vital motivation. This aspect holds hands with our tactical ambitions and instinctual drive to achieve our highest potential, so meditating on the union of all these valuable assets we at once embody and seek can spark some much needed inspiration to move us brightly.


The inspiration follows through to show us how expansive and revealing life can be if we open ourselves up to all the magic that is within us and around us. The beauty of timeless wisdom sleeps in the stars and in our hearts, and we are reminded today just how much that beauty can motivate us to follow our dreams and enlighten our journey towards our destiny.


Monday, January 15, 2024

Moon in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Pisces square Venus in Sagittarius

Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn


The foggy sleigh ride through the white forest teaches us to trust the instincts of the horses as our guides. There are obstacles and obstructions, but with the wisdom of their divine consciousness, we are in good hands.


These mystical days help us unite all the scattered pieces of our lives into as-of-yet undefined shapes and purposes, but the unification process ensues regardless. Our thoughts and purposes are scattered, yet they present themselves today as slices of a massive pie in the skies of our dreams. Outwardly, there seems to be a lack of cohesion, yet in the depths of our psyches, we are already aware of the magic the flows through everything, thus assuring a sense of unity, serenity, and tranquility to balance our fears and regrets.


There is no doubt that today can end up being a veritable bath of confusion or delusion, but as the evening settles in, some semblance of structural thinking and management begins to take hold. This might show up as a moment of clarity about an issue we have been confused or misled about. Are we seeing something important for the first time, even though we have noticed it many times before? Tonight we close another zodiacal lunar cycle and birth a new one in Aries. What are we birthing? What is being separated and asked to go it alone?


Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Moon in Aries square Mars in Capricorn


As we drift out of the Piscean spell that was cast over our last two days, we are thrust into the throes of our passions, ambitions, activism, and pursuit of independence. There is such a spicy flare to today’s primary celestial aspect that we might want to keep as much of the day on the chill side as possible. But we should not disrupt our natural instincts to motivate and actively pursue what is driving us up the wall with anticipation and excitement. This is how today is painted by the hues of Moon’s and Mars’s frequencies. Listen to its tune, feel how it thrives from our roots, and watch how it unfolds throughout the day. Just be mindful, kind, and careful of the short-fused tempers that are scattered along every passageway we will find ourselves on.


Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Moon conjunct its North Node in Aries

Moon in Aries trine Venus in Sagittarius

First Quarter Moon in Aries


Today presents a gift to peak beneath the veil of uncertainty to not just see clues about our future, but to feel and sense more precisely what our drives and motivations are that shape our future. We all might be able to glimpse what our lives look like in one, two, or five years from now, but do we understand our purpose, our motives, and the values that underlie them? This is a distinct call to pay attention to the subtleties that surround our conversations, our excitement, and whatever melodies ebb and flow through our day.


Adding to this gift is a nuanced expansion of our consciousness and capacity to recognize and be inspired by all the beauty that surrounds us. How does all this beauty play a role in our lives? Does it bring us joy and immersive tranquility? Are we too hung up on the peril of logistics to notice what might counter the stress induced by those logistics? Reaching out with our hearts into territories we have avoided traversing due to fear or anxiety of the unknown could conceivably release us from chains we did not know were imprisoning us. This can all play out as a sort of test to see how we are letting go of any toxic, painful, or stressful scenarios we have long been unsure of how to extricate from our lives.


Thursday, January 18, 2024

Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn

Moon in Taurus trine Mercury in Capricorn

Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus

Moon in Taurus trine Mars in Capricorn



Though Taurus is not often considered the most ambitious or productive sign of the zodiac, much can be accomplished today if we can sustain an impressive level of focus and determination, both of which are traits of Taurus. Trines are not always considered motivational, however, so we will need to embrace our capacity to focus if we are to make headway honoring our values and ambitious dreams and goals.


The relatively intoxicating beauty we tapped into yesterday can continue to paint the canvas of today if we remain fixed in our integrity to generate our own beauty wherever we go. It is an integral experience of our relationship to life to notice beauty, feel beauty, and express beauty. It is a cycle that perpetuates if focus is not thwarted by hideous distractions. When we ground ourselves into this magnificence and recognize that we not only embody beauty, we also notice and experience it, thus being conduits of it, we can help share the alchemy that occurs during that process.


Friday, January 19, 2024

Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus

Venus in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces

Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus


The tension that rolls in and out of our lives like waves building and breaking on a beach is part of the dynamic of harmony and dissonance. Like so many other polarities, one feeds off the other. Without one the other would not occur. Today’s Venus-Neptune square in the signs of excess, overwhelm, chaos, and confusion brings a relevant tension to our otherwise harmonious musings and goings on. We would do well to spend time analyzing all the ways we experience and handle overwhelm and excess in our lives. As the tense square subsides, some clarity about how we work through such challenges could surface.


Aside from this pervading influence upon our day, there can be an additional focus on our values again. How do we integrate what inspires us into our lives? How do we integrate our desires into our lives? How do we manage our tendency for excess in our lives? Our values are driven by our desires, but desires can often lead to addiction, abuse, or trouble if left unchecked. We must make time to learn how to be more mindful of these intricate, yet valuable, aspects of our intimate lives. If we are in a relationship, any excessive abuse of these boundaries affects our partner and thus our partnership. Ethics, respect, love, and compassion should ideally be our mantra for working through all of this.


Saturday, January 20, 2024

*Sun conjunct Pluto at 29°59’ Capricorn trine Moon in Taurus*

*Sun ingresses Aquarius*

Moon in Gemini square Saturn in Pisces

*Pluto ingresses Aquarius*


Sun, Moon, and Pluto tango in a swath of finalities today. These three meet and aspect one another at the final arc minute of their respective signs, amplifying like a Marshall stack the emphasis these signs have upon our lives. When we dive into Capricorn, we are shown around a vast, highly functioning factory of productivity, ethical awareness, diligent competence, and profound leadership. How powerful have these attributes been in our lives over the past 15 years? Are we aware of how valuable they all are in the grand scheme of our lives? How do we respect these values? How did we learn how to respect them all over the past 15 years? What lines have we crossed that we will never cross again?


Though transits are not always felt exactly when they perfect, these aspects and ingresses mark a monumental moment in the course of our lives. A moment that shows us where we have been and all that we have learned and accomplished, which we should proudly wag our tails about, but also a moment that asks us to turn to the east and welcome Sun’s and Pluto’s simultaneous transitions into tropical Aquarius. A time to bridge the traditional processes we have grown accustomed to with processes we may not even be aware are possible yet.


There is so much available to us if we only pause long enough to recognize it all. We have all imagined things more advanced, improved, faster, better, more enlightening, more exciting, and more capable of sustaining not just our lives, but the health and future of our planet and every living sentient thing upon it. These visions and dreams come before us blazing like the northern lights in our mind’s eye today. A promising glance and hope for what we might be able to do better than we have ever done before. We must be grateful for the trials we have overcome, the lives of those no longer with us, and the wisdom we have acquired through all the turbulence of the past 15 years and apply it to everything we do from this day forward.


This is no small week to scoff at. This is a turning point in not just our own journey, but the journey of all sentient beings. Though Pluto will once more retrograde back into Capricorn later this year, it will be very short-lived. We should plan on reflecting back on all we have achieved, endured, and learned since 2008. What beauty have we witnessed, lost, awakened to, or created? How do we integrate beauty into our lives? Do we take it for granted? Do we take advantage of it? Are we doing what we can to express our own beauty and reflect the beauty we recognize wherever we go? Intimacy can blossom when we lay down our fears and open up our arms to the winds of love and affection. May we all invest in peace and forgiveness and hope!

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