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January 1 - 8, 2023

Happy New Year! As a reminder, this new year begins with a Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn at 12:08am EST on Sunday, January 1st, and as I mentioned in last week’s post, we are “stirring the pot of alchemical metamorphosis in our most intimate relationships and how we interact with ourselves and each other.” The order of notable aspects taking place after this significant conjunction is essential in discerning the path ahead related to it. First, Moon in Taurus enters into a waxing trine (120° apart) with Sun in Capricorn at 8:41am EST, opening and harmonizing our capacity to express our luminous identity. Next, Moon in Taurus joins its own North Node in Taurus, beckoning us to reflect upon everything we value and cherish so that we may work harder to earn and keep those things intact, as well as to evolve and grow toward those values with confidence and determination. As Moon meets Uranus at 15° Taurus later in the day, our beautiful and unique flaws, quirks, kinks, and weirdness must be embraced and honored as irreplaceable aspects of our identity.

Sun squaring Chiron* on Monday, January 2nd, at 11:02am EST assures us that the momentous wounds our egos suffered in the past will play an integral part of the redemptive growth expected in this new year. How have these personal wounds shaped our consciousness? Perhaps some of these stories are still kept close to our chest for fear of further wounding. Perhaps how they have shaped our consciousness is stifling our growth and potential for breaking through the illusive walls we have surrounded ourselves with over time. Whatever the case, the journey we have ahead of us needs to be accompanied by sincere and loving people who can compassionately embrace our oddities and insecurities if we are going to make any headway toward redemptive liberation and joy.

Later in the evening on Monday, January 2nd at 9:10pm EST, Venus trines Moon in Taurus just before Venus enters Aquarius, a beautiful push forward in our field of self-sustainment, values, and relationships. The awakening progressive sign of Aquarius brings Venus into what we might consider a realm of high vibes. In its highest vibration, Venus in Aquarius helps us better understand what is most important to us and what is best for our progress toward a better future, with or without a partner. Speaking of partners, Aquarius’s influence in relationships can bring aloofness and detachment, because while we are wanting to elevate and evolve our consciousness, a partner may inhibit how rapidly and thoroughly we can get to where we want to be. Somehow bringing this into conversation could really help clarify things with another person.

Moon meets Mars in Gemini on Tuesday afternoon, January 3rd, so over-analyzing, over-thinking, and over-doing are all likely on our plates today. Doing our best to slow it down, take it down a notch, and simplify our day the best we can will help ease the gusty winds we will otherwise have in our heads. Light some incense, find something to focus on, and the inner chatter will stay at bay.

Early Wednesday morning, January 4th, Venus in Aquarius applies to a sextile with Jupiter in Aries, and with this influence we are motivated to be productive and successful; to confidently advance and to not look back. We are driven to proceed as quickly as possible to get all the things we want. To err on the side of caution, however, we would be wise to take stock of all those exciting ideas and passions we are conjuring up and write them down, planning a path forward with ample foresight and thoughtfulness. This is a wonderful day to dream big and figure out how to make those dreams come true. We just can’t make significant advances until Mars goes direct on January 12th and Mercury goes direct on January 18th. And if we really want to hold out moving ahead with significant advances, we should wait until January 22nd when Uranus goes direct. It’s an amazing month to make preparations to strike a new match.

Moon sliding into Cancer on Thursday morning, January 5th, brings a welcome tidal shift toward coziness, comfort, and nurturing. After Moon’s Gemini transit, including its pass-by of Mars, this slowdown is just what we need. Drink tea, relax by the fire, and, most essentially, soak in a hot bath! The warm waters do wonders, especially during watery Moons like Cancer. We can be a bit moody and sulky during this transit, so doing what we can to snap out of it, lively up ourselves, and keep things on the sunny side would be ideal.

Friday, January 6th at 6:07pm EST, the Full Moon is at 16° Cancer, which means it is opposing Sun at 16° Capricorn, a perfect time to see the exact Full Moon after it rises in the east. This Full Moon stirs up the churning waters of family, particularly our siblings. We should not be surprised when a sibling comes forward with something they have been meaning to say or do, or if something just gets said or done. Perhaps this could be as simple as picking up the phone to have a nice conversation with them, reminiscing about our parents, growing up, and old funny stories. Getting to the heart of our emotional bodies at this time will do wonders for the soul. Steeping ourselves in a hot bath like I mentioned before is a nice way to settle into the night.

Saturday’s Pluto-Moon opposition brings us around again to the testing grounds of our struggles and losses. We can expect to feel the impacts surrounding these losses, possibly even shedding some tears. What have we learned and gained from these losses? How have we grown? How can we grow more? There are always lessons in the darkest corners, we just need to shine the light of hope and redemption and see what we find. Soul searching can be terrifying, but where we end up is worth it. In addition to the Pluto-Moon opposition, Mercury retrogrades past Sun, as they apparently are moving in opposite directions. Whenever Sun and Mercury join together there is an uncanny enhancement to the clarity with which we can recognize how we are getting along in life. In Capricorn, we are noticing the methods by which we manage our life may be incongruent to the ways we should be managing our life. Valuable messages from deep within should be heeded and decoded so that we can see more clearly and choose more wisely moving forward. Because Mercury is retrograde during this conjunction, unlike the subsequent conjunction between these two on March 17th, the lessons available to glean from it are reminders, reflections, and even resistances we have brought to this point in time that need to be more clearly understood and sorted through.

How will we prepare for new seeds to be sown? What essential elements are in the soil of our garden that yields abundance and progress? What valuable lessons have we learned from our family, our siblings, and even the losses we have been through? Through reflection, what are we resisting that could otherwise catapult our progress and unfurl the sails on the ship we are sailing across the high seas of life? Listen, heed, understand, and choose wisely.

*Chiron, named after the mythical centaur who was a gifted healer and a mentor to heroes, is a celestial body known as a centaur that travels between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron is often called the “wounded healer,” which is generally a good description. Furthermore, however, Chiron represents the trauma we have endured and how, through healing and a greater understanding of ourselves, that trauma can be transformed into tools we can use as a positive force for the betterment of self and others.

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Jan 03, 2023

Beautiful insights, beautifully expressed. Thanks!

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