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December 31 – January 6, 2024

This week shifts us into focusing on our drive to succeed, accomplish, and manifest our bliss. There is always hard work involved in all of these things, which is why they remain elusive to so many of us, but with careful and diligent effort we can all do this. Our memories, distractions, and emotions often are all that stand in the way, meaning we stand in our own way of our success and bliss. When we scrutinize and realign our intimate relationships to embrace trust, intimacy, and respect, our memories turn into hopes, our distractions turn into discipline, and our nebulous and confusing emotions undergo a metamorphosis into verve, gusto, and desire. Let’s not be afraid to deeply love and respect each other!


Sunday, December 31, 2023

*Jupiter stations direct at 5° Taurus*

Moon in Virgo square Venus in Sagittarius and opposes Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus


Jupiter’s station means it is virtually motionless from Earth’s vantage point. It has been retrograde for nearly four months, allowing us to gain a much wider perspective of our financial situation. It may have also brought us good fortune or taken away fortune, but we are for sure much more aware of where we stand financially. Venus’s recent ingress into Sagittarius puts these two planets in mutual reception, which means they feed of one another and bring more power to these areas of our lives. This is about money, glamour, indulgence, fanaticism, beauty, joy, poetics, creativity, and conceivably lots and lots of love and affection. May we make the most of our futures by cultivating gratitude and appreciation for all that we have and all that others have.


Moon in Virgo glides into the crosshairs of the applying Venus-Saturn square (perfect tomorrow), creating a T-square between them all. This can generate a powerful mutation in our relationships. It speaks of our boundaries, how functional the relationships are, and how we can bring greater understanding and wisdom into them through perhaps a new field of study or incorporating and integrating a new philosophy or spiritual practice. These issues can be mentioned today and brought up again for deeper consideration over the course of this week.


What should be considered most important today, however, is honoring the necessity of proper life management and functionality. If we neglect the need to structure and navigate our lives in a healthy way, we run the risk of so much falling into disarray, including our physical, emotional, and mental health. Today can help us recognize disfunction, our habits, and our overall wherewithal to make it all work as best we can.


Monday, January 1, 2024

Moon in Virgo trine Sun in Capricorn

Venus in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus


Happy New Year! I would like to wish all of you a healthy, tranquil, and abundant year ahead!


Today’s closing trine between Moon and Sun in earth signs brings a decompressing and grounding influence into our day. One that helps us accomplish much and feel inspired to get things in order and functioning as optimally as possible. Grounding trines between the luminaries imbues our planet with a powerful harmonic resonance. It is a good time to make strides toward manifesting whatever we seeded on the New Moon, so if we reflect back to December 12th, we can gain more clarity about what is coming to fruition.


If there are any important and unresolved relational matters that need to be addressed and worked through, they could be pushed to the surface today for scrutiny and discussion. Considering the new year is upon us, resolving our boundary issues with those we love will help smooth our outlook of what is to come. It might help to put our individuated strangeness on the table without shame or fear, because denying ourselves the freedom to fully be who we are will only cause frustrations as time ticks away into the future. Embracing our freedom of expression and uniqueness ensures a sense of liberation we all deserve.


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Moon in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius

Moon in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn


Moon’s transit through the latter degrees of Virgo creates a lot to contend with today. The stark contrast between chaos and order is sure to dominate the variety of situations we find ourselves in. And this contrast may be exacerbated by Moon’s square to Mars in Sagittarius, arguably creating a necessary and lesson-learning tension we must knead to relax. We might want to literally massage someone to help work out the friction between us, or we might want to push ourselves physically somehow to allow that tension to work itself out of our hearts to dissolve back into the fray.


These pushes and pulls between what is all aligned and what is not can cause some frustrations to erupt, so doing whatever we can to tighten our ship, organize our needs, and execute some control over what needs to happen now to make what is coming unfold as succinctly as possible would be ideal. Is something about to happen in our lives that requires more planning than usual? Today is nudging us to get it together so what is to come does not fall apart. If we do our best, the rewards will be palpable.


Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Moon in Libra sextile Venus in Sagittarius

Third Quarter Moon in Libra


So many of our experiences today will somehow involve the important relationships in our lives and how we need to understand more about them. While we might feel deeply connected to those we love, there is always more to understand, come to terms with, and discover about not just them but ourselves. There is a powerful yet distinct oddity to the flow of energy between everyone and everything today. These strange days remind us that life can be unpredictable and downright bizarre. It would be good to embrace whatever we discover today that we never imagined we would stumble upon. Robert Hunter wrote, “Once in a while we get shown the light in the strangest of places if we look at it right.”


As the likely strangeness of the day wanes, some clarity may surface regarding our New Moon intentions from December 12th. How have those intentions been sculpted and brought into existence in our lives? Do they resonate with our desires? Do they resonate with other facets of our lives, such as our partnerships, our families, our career? Guiding those desires and intentions requires we strive to become adepts in them. Mastering what we are seeking brings purposeful satisfaction and joy to our lives. May we never cease to be inspired.


Thursday, January 4, 2024

Moon in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries

*Mars ingresses Capricorn*

Moon conjunct its South Node in Libra

Moon in Libra sextile Mercury in Sagittarius


The reflections we experience are often not recognized as reflections, but instead just seem like our thoughts about something or someone and how it relates to our lives now and in the future. But if we more carefully observe those thoughts, we may recognize how often they are actually reflections upon past experiences with certain people. The memories we may either cherish, abhor, or feel relatively indifferent about have a profound effect upon our emotional and mental state at any given moment. This is why we may experience depression, joy, fear, gratitude, etc. Of course there are many other potentialities for those emotions, but generally our memories and reflections are the roots of them all.


Life can sometimes have its way with us by entangling us in a web of confusion, overwhelm, and even hopelessness, which makes it very difficult to pause and reflect upon the thoughts that shape our feelings. But if we can make the time to do so, we might discover how much our reflections of past experiences shape our daily emotional and mental condition. Because of this, we may want to consider the benefits of rephrasing the memories that cause our fears and depression in a more positive light, such as how did those painful or traumatic experiences teach me valuable lessons? What have a learned from everything that has happened to me related to those experiences? Maybe then we can begin to heal the patterns of our pain.


Mars’s ingress into Capricorn signals a call to accomplish our goals and aspirations, our passion for upholding truth and respect, and a willingness to stand and fight for those who deserve leadership, even if that means us. Mars seeks justice and independence, while Capricorn seeks truth, righteousness, and respect. As the next month unfolds, we have an opportunity to put tremendous energy into achieving our personal goals that will help us get closer to the mentorship role we have been seeking. Our mastery is on the line and should be mindfully adhered to if we are to come out on top as leaders in our own right.


Friday, January 5, 2024

Moon in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn

Moon in Scorpio sextile Mars in Capricorn

Moon in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus


Moon activates just about every major aspect today, thus shaping our day with the colors of Scorpio. These deep hues reinforce our need to bring the magic and regenerating powers of intimate connection and psychological vulnerability into play. Even though it can be terrifying to let our guard down in the process of opening up to others, the alternative is to slink away into isolation and conceivably greater depression and loneliness. So ultimately, this is a call to be brave and courageous enough to initiate conversations in hopes of developing more meaningful relationships with not just those we already know, but also with people we have never met before.


In this way, it is a good day to acquire a greater understanding of the importance of working with others to achieve our own goals, establishing foundations of respect and boundaries with those people, and recognizing the values we stand for and who might share those same values with us. We cannot go it alone in this world if we are to leave a mark of truth, honor, and respect. All of our hopes and dreams require intimate connections, mindful interaction, and commitment to what we hold near and dear to our hearts. May we do all we can to develop trust, intimacy, and opportunity for ourselves and those we love.


Saturday, January 6, 2024

Sun in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries

Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus


Achieving and mastering what we love and are passionate about requires significant effort and dedication to those values. Unfortunately, life can pummel us with arrows of temptation and distraction to thwart our journey toward those goals. It is then up to us to harness our dignity and integrity to dodge those arrows the best we can, lest we succumb to the agonizing pain of their infliction. We might feel the weight of life’s pain today from all the decisions we or others have made in the past that led us to where we are now. But this is an opportunity to notice how we can make decisions that create less pain or misfortune moving forward. We must not divert from the path of mastering our bliss, regardless how challenging that voyage will be from here.


This evening could reveal the sanctity of our values and the benevolence of raising the standards of those values. Maybe we have taken our intimate relationships for granted, forgetting just how valuable they are to not just our sanity, but our joy and bliss. When we get more and more hung up on believing that we don’t deserve joy and bliss, we further isolate opportunities to actually manifest those virtuous experiences. Rebirth and redemption are often cloaked in monotony. It is up to us to unfurl the veil that hides such glory, and we can only unfold that veil through awakening the sincerity of our appreciation for all that we love and cherish.


The winds are always gale force in the caverns of our frustrations, but if we learn to reshape our habits, rephrase our inner voice, and reveal our honest desires, we can rebirth our journey into a much more authentic representation of our identity and calm the breezes inside the deepest reaches of our psyches. Finding love and intimacy is not a treasure hunt. It is scheduled into our itinerary with the divine. Once we feel our deepest passions and desires are willing to be exposed, we can accomplish the sacred wonderment of sharing the entirety of our being with someone else and experiencing magic and bliss.

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