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December 25, 2022 – January 1, 2023

After a holiday weekend filled with familial Capricorn cheer, Christmas morning (Sunday) greets us with an individuating and aloof Aquarius Moon. We are further witnessing the stark differences between ourselves and the rest of our family. Whether we traveled for the holidays or not, and despite how much we love our families, we are feeling like we need a break from them. The inner rebel wishes to detach. But come Monday afternoon, we are facing the music and accepting the importance of the relationships we have with all of them, good or bad. Rise above and try to understand how and why each relationship is important.

The accrual of Capricorn’s infusion over the weekend will subtly, or not so subtly, highlight where some inevitable changes will take place in our lives and in our family over the coming months. As Pluto makes its way toward an Aquarian ingress on March 23rd (after being in Capricorn since November 2008), the gathering of inner planets, including Sun and Moon, around Pluto over the holiday weekend brings us echoes and clues as to what may be in store for us ahead. Pluto brings change, often over an extended period of time, that shakes our foundations and forces us to reassess the path that we are on. So, if we pay attention to what is said, what is not said, and the dynamics of our relationships over the course of the coming weeks, we can find ourselves much more prepared for what is to come.

As Moon passes in front of Saturn in Aquarius on Monday afternoon (December 26), the opportunities to flourish into our most authentic selves are more noticeable, but are met with boundaries and limitations that must be overcome. To overcome these, we are asked to work harder, as Saturn is always asking us to do. The limitations Saturn imposes while in Aquarius expose our fight for individuality, authenticity, and ultimately freedom, because these are the core values of Aquarius, and Saturn requires we earn them. There could also be glimpses of the changes, mentioned previously, that Pluto is bringing our way in 2023 and beyond, seeing as how Pluto is making its way into Aquarius very soon.

On Tuesday, December 27th, the Moon-Mars square, in Pisces and Gemini respectively, may exacerbate a feeling that we don’t have control over a number of things in our lives, thus resulting in frustration and reactions to situations that present themselves. It would be best if we try to lower expectations on this day and allow the road to unfurl ahead of us. That will free up space in our minds to allow for the excitement and optimism heading our way into the evening, thanks to Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces. This optimism if fueled by the beautiful goals we wish to achieve for the highest good of all. What exactly are those beautiful goals we wish to accomplish?

Wednesday’s Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces (5:05pm EST, December 28th) emphasizes the transpersonal aspects of our lives and how we identify with them. So often there are elements of life that are beyond our control and beyond our capacity to understand. How we navigate those experiences while maintaining our unique identity can be a challenge. Dedicating some semblance of time to ourselves, be it through meditative work, quiet solitude, exercise, or a creative pursuit, helps to alleviate the sense of alienation and confusion that may arise from any lack of control we have over those parts of our lives. Immersing ourselves in natural surroundings, reconnecting with Earth, and centering our focus on any form of divine beauty brings much-needed grounding and alignment.

Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn Thursday morning (December 29th), just after Moon passes Jupiter at 0° Aries. These bring both a renewed sense of identity and a pause in our mental jazz. Call it a refreshing new outlook with enough time to take stock of what it is we are reaching for. Again, what are we really seeking to accomplish? With Venus conjunct Mercury at its stationing degree (24°), the plan is to revise and refine the plan. The way we feel about our loved ones and how we are managing those relationships is called into play. Prudence is beckoning. Whatever decisions were made since December 12th will be brought back onto the table for further discussion. It is best to spend these remaining days of 2022 and the first two weeks of 2023 contemplating how we will strike out anew when Mars stations direct on January 12th and Mercury stations direct on January 18th. At that time, true reliable progress can be made.

A fleeting, yet poignant, pair of semi-sextiles (30° apart) between Chiron (11° Aries) - North Node (11° Taurus) and Moon (15° Aries) - Uranus (15° Taurus) occurs the morning of Friday, December 30th around 9:00am EST. It would be worthwhile to ask how we are embracing our unique identity without excluding the pain and suffering we endured in the past? This difficult feat requires our greatest inner wisdom and courage to forge ahead into a confident future of self-actualization and acceptance. Nourish your flaws, quirks, kinks, and weirdness. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of them. They are the abstractions of your originality.

Taking center stage over New Year’s weekend is Moon in Aries squaring Venus and Pluto early Saturday morning (December 31st) before Venus joins Pluto at 27° Capricorn just after the start of 2023 at 12:08am EST on January 1st. This is stirring the pot of alchemical metamorphosis in our most intimate relationships and how we interact with ourselves and each other. We all must open our hearts and minds to let the light of optimism and compassion guide our way through this incredibly blessed transitional experience we are all sharing. Breakthroughs abound in the week ahead as Sun comes into a harmonious and workable sextile/trine with Moon’s nodes, allowing for positive and redemptive growth. The potentials inherent in this Venus-Pluto conjunction and subsequent sextile/trine of the Sun and Nodes will remain as a stamp for the year ahead. So, despite inevitable rocks in the road, the cauldron percolates and seeps its magic into our bones and spirits that we will prevail in 2023 willing to understand more about who we are, how we relate, and why growing closer with the right people is imperative. As the saying goes, “Resistance is Plutile!”

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