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December 18 - 25, 2022

We wake up early Sunday morning to Moon in Libra trining Saturn in Aquarius (6:30am EST), creating an uplifting feeling of hope for whatever efforts we may have been taking to improve the structural aspects of our lives. These could be routines, business models, technological upgrades, or anything related to time management. Later in the day on Sunday, Moon squares Pluto (5:35pm EST), bringing some setbacks or challenges to our relationships, perhaps agitating our sense of progress and growth. It would be wise to notice what those setbacks and challenges are trying to tell us, because they are exactly what we must face to improve our relationships.

As Monday evening comes around, Moon joins its South Node* at 12° Scorpio, while Venus makes a much welcomed trine and sextile aspect to Moon’s North and South nodes, respectively. This ignites our story of achieving a healthier sense of self-worth and value to the community. It shows, through reflection, the struggles we have faced, the losses we have endured, and the reliance we have had on the resources of others, but uplifts us to recognize how valuable and capable we are of achieving greatness in the face of all the battles we have fought to get here. We must go forth into our Monday evening with confidence and an eye to the future!

Jupiter finally enters Aries again on Tuesday at 8:33am EST. We must make time to reflect upon what was driving our passions forward with such expansive verve and excitement back in the middle of May, when Jupiter last entered Aries. Whatever we were feeling driven to create, understand, or accomplish has cycled back into our lives at this time. Coupled with Wednesday’s Winter Solstice and Friday’s New Moon, there are tremendous expansions and transformations afoot. If we think about and study where we have been, both physically and consciously over the past seven months, we will gain greater insight into how to navigate the glorious seas ahead.

The Winter Solstice arrives Wednesday at 4:49pm EST, as Sun enters Capricorn. This annual shift marks the turning of the tides from dark to light (in the northern hemisphere), as Sun begins to rise and set further north on the horizons, bringing longer days for the northern hemisphere and shorter days for the southern hemisphere. In the zodiac, this is the natural point of highest achievement, where all our seeking and venturing far and wide brings us to the mountain top to reflect upon all that has led us to the summit. What have we achieved this year? Where did we go, what did we learn, how did we grow, what did we lose, and what did we gain? If we honor the journey we have had, despite all the loss and suffering, we can honor the road ahead to bring us even further next year.

As mentioned above, and in many other posts, so much of understanding astrology is about the planetary and luminary cycles surrounding any given moment in time, but it is especially about reflecting upon those cycles and how they play out in our lives. These shifts in the outer reaches surrounding our planet are ever expanding our consciousness and awakening us to greater and greater possibilities. As such, and especially with Jupiter and Sun’s ingresses into new signs, when Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini on Wednesday night (8:48pm EST), we are re-enlightened, so to speak, by all the expansive knowledge and understanding we have gained in our lives. It is a spark of excitement, gratitude, and unshakeable curiosity for what lies ahead. Of course, whenever Mars and Moon come into opposition, there can be exactly that: opposition. Sometimes that opposition can be heated and charged with angst and begrudging sentiments, but as mentioned many times, if we are aware of this potential, we can change our tack when the winds get heavy.

Friday morning, December 23rd, at 5:16am EST is the New Moon at 1° Capricorn. After all that was mentioned above, we should be well-equipped to reflect upon the year behind us and well-prepared to set achievable goals moving forward. After all, Capricorn is the sign of goals, achievements, respect, and recognition. So, how can we incorporate all of these worthy intentions into our daily lives, our near futures, and our big pictures? Where are we going that we may achieve a level of greatness greater than we may have imagined thus far?

As Moon moves through Capricorn over the holiday weekend, it will meet up with Venus, Mercury, and Pluto, in that order. Though many of us will be swirling through the family madness and festivities, making it difficult to meditate upon Moon’s journey past these planets, their influence will nevertheless be playing out, and these are not necessarily easy transits. But the Capricorn-Cancer axis is about family and traditions, so it is inevitable that this holiday season, with Moon drifting through Capricorn, will be especially rooted in the values and traditions of our relatives and ancestors. Don’t be surprised when uncle Ted tells you a story about your great aunt Lillian, or when grandpa shows you his keepsakes and chotchkes from his time in the war, or when you suddenly have an uncontrollable desire to dive headlong into the history of your ancestors and their traditional ways and customs.

Whatever we do this Solstice, New Moon, Holiday week, we need to honor where we have been, what we have learned, and where we want to go. There is important work to do in our lives, and we must shape our journey to honor that sacred work. Peace and love to all.

*The North and South Node of the Moon are invisible points in space. Astronomically, the nodes are the two points where the Moon's orbital path crosses the ecliptic, which is the Sun's apparent annual path on the celestial sphere. Astrologically, the South Node represents where we come from, what we’re very adept at and familiar with, and where we can stagnate if we don’t seek our North Node. The North Node represents our ideal karmic path forward, the direction of growth and progress, and a focus point to always look to, as a compass points to Polaris. These points are always exactly opposite one another, and the polarity of them should always be considered when interpreting astrological influences.

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