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December 10-16, 2023

This week we transition from a fading balsamic Scorpio Moon, through a Sagittarius New Moon, and into an exciting Aquarius crescent Moon. We are digging into the attics of our lives, discovering things that have serendipitously ripened for us, and applying the alchemy of those fruits to the nutrition of our future. Emboldened perhaps by reckless attempts to expand too rapidly, we must practice restraint if we are to see our visons of the future unfold with stability and grace.


Sunday, December 10, 2023

Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces


The big dig into the recesses of our psyches can expose quite a plethora of unresolved issues, many of which we might prefer stay hidden in those recesses indefinitely. But if we pick up a few items we are willing to have a closer look at and bring them back upstairs into the kitchen to see what they look like after all these years, we might discover something about ourselves or others we had not considered before.


Sometimes we tuck things away without even knowing we are doing so, usually out of fear or shame. But as those things sit in the dark out of the gazing or prying eyes of ourselves or others, their power quietly builds until they are calling us back down to bring them back to the light. And while the memories may be difficult to recall and relive, almost everything in those recesses contains a valuable lesson within them. Sometimes those lessons can inspire us to perceive the world in a completely different way. It is as if they were meant to go into hiding until the time was ripe for them to come back into our lives. What can you find down there today?


Monday, December 11, 2023

Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces

Venus in Scorpio sextile Mercury in Capricorn


There can be a contrast between our aspirations to discover new meaning and inspiration in life and the spirit that pervades all existence. One is seeking and striving and wanting, the other already exists quietly awaiting our awakening. One is the journey and one is the destination. This can create a push-pull between seeking elsewhere and sitting quietly in zazen. This is a metaphor for the tension of today. At once we wish to be inspired by the myriad magic, beauty, diversity, knowledge, and wisdom in life, while on the other hand we know all of this magic already sleeps in our hearts. May each remind us of the other and find gratitude for the paradox therein.


As items in the deep recesses we excavated yesterday continue to be appreciated for their invaluable lessons that have ripened, we wonder just how we can apply those lessons into our daily lives so that they play a valuable role in shaping our future enterprises of achievement and leadership. The work is never done, as they say, so we must try to utilize what tools we have to realize our greatest accomplishments. If we are willing to sit calmly and with honest compassion for one another, these stories and lessons can be shared with someone who is willing to hold sacred space with us and listen to what we have to say. We would be wise to do the same for them.


Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Moon conjunct Mars in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries

*New Moon at 20° Sagittarius at 6:32pm EST*


What wildfires rage in our souls? What insatiable passions envelope and encapsulate our entire being? What drives us? What do we seek to master? How do we unwaveringly follow what inspires us? These are the burning questions echoing through the canyons from the unnamable mysteries as today’s New Moon in Sagittarius perfects.


What blocks us or restricts our path forward may anger or frustrate us, but perhaps those restrictions are there to humble us and remind us how important it is to be patient and yielding to those who may be affected by our unchecked passions and forays into new and uncharted, expansive horizons. Though what is possible may appear limitless today, we should honor the wisdom of pragmatism and consider our tendencies toward fanaticism or extremes of any kind. When the pitch is wide open and there appear to be no obstacles in our way, it is wise to give pause.


We are not invincible, boundless, or immortal. Ideally, we are humble mortal servants here to help and heal ourselves and others on our path towards acceptance and enlightenment. While easily distracted by self-deprecating behaviors such as inferiority and superiority complexes, not to mention substance abuse and co-dependent relationships, our adherence to a path of righteousness and humility requires forgiveness and acceptance. We are all wounded and suffering, and death brings an end to these inevitabilities, but what lies ahead across the bright horizons of our future is there for us to transform the pain into healing, redemption, and enlightenment. May we never cease to seek what heals and redeems our souls and all the souls we meet along the way!


Wednesday, December 13, 2023

*Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn*

Moon in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces

Moon in Capricorn trine Jupiter in Taurus

Moon conjunct Mercury in Capricorn


Mercury’s station today once again asks us to slow down and reassess our process and methods of how well we manage our lives. There is always room for improvement, and when it stations retrograde in Capricorn we are analyzing the boundaries, rules, truths, and competence of how we have been managing things thus far. Taking the next three weeks to dissect the efficiency and practicality of what we do and how we do it will show us where we can make vital improvements.


As mentioned, we are working our way through the heavy weight of our goals and what we know we should be striving towards. There is opportunity for establishing greater solidity to the foundations upon which we are building our future achievements. We may feel the growth as we recognize the value of doing away with unnecessaries and whatever has been debilitating us along the way, thus enabling pragmatic progress.


This process of aligning what we would like to achieve with what will help us achieve it is much more easily said than done, but gaining recognition of these alignments is such a critical step along the way. The breadth of what we can manifest if we put our pragmatism first is astounding, so we must make sure our hearts and desires are always guiding and lighting our path forward. The methods we employ to better manage, organize, and structure our daily journeys speak volumes about how successful and how soon the outcomes will unfold.


Thursday, December 14, 2023

Moon in Capricorn sextile Venus in Scorpio

Moon in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries

Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus


So often we spend our time realigning our consciousness with our conscience, even if we are unaware of doing so in the moment. Today that process may not only take center stage, but we could become hyper aware of how out of alignment we have veered lately. It is so difficult keeping our wheels on the tracks sometimes, especially when we are enmeshed in emotional turmoil or trauma. This, as we know, can lead to poor decisions.


We might find ourselves humbled by wrongdoings in relationships, recognize boundaries crossed, or realize secrets that have been hidden. The angst that could ensue may be a challenge to wade through, but as the dust settles we can find the morsels of universal truths scattered across the table sparkling like personal pearls for our medicine bag.


After the bumpiest parts of today’s ride smooth out, we may glimpse ideal scenarios that we wish to strive for. There is always hope and imagination to drive us toward such ideals, as long as we have the inspiration to look for them. This evening just might have such inspiration in store for us if we sort and settle the pieces that may have fallen throughout the day.


Friday, December 15, 2023

Sun in Sagittarius trine Moon’s North Node

Moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces

Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Mars in Sagittarius trine Chiron in Aries


Hope is sometimes a bird winging its way past us on its way somewhere else, but today that bird might just land on our shoulder and chirp its lovely dreams into our weary ears. We may find it difficult to believe such dreams could come true, but being the bird of hope, we must trust its lesson and message. Hope does exist, it does help us get back up, and it is what dreams are made of. Let’s not forget this, even in the face of all the pain and suffering life throws our way.


Hanging on to the hardships of yore, we dwell in a time that not only no longer exists, but no longer applies to where we are going. And reconciling the hard facts of life with the nebulous ideals of peace and love is nearly always a struggle. But bathing our intelligence in such alchemy as sensibility and imagination can work if we accept the flowing river meandering through the streets of the city. Today we stroll the banks of the rivers of our dreams while planning how those dreams unfold on the streets of our lives.


Saturday, December 16, 2023

Moon in Aquarius square Venus in Scorpio

Moon in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries

Moon in Aquarius sextile Mars in Sagittarius

Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus

Sun in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces


Our own personal Aquarius Moon touches so many aspects of our lives today. Among many other attributes, this Moon is about our imagination, our ideals, our community, and our hopes for a better world. These ideals may be challenged in our relationships today, perhaps facing resistance by someone choosing instead to dig into the past or into our psyches to see what might be found. While much can be found and learned in doing so, keeping a sharp eye on the future is called for.


Regarding the emotional wounds and traumas we have endured, our hopes of overcoming them and making positive headway toward ideals we have established might prove fruitful today. Our humbled egos at first struggle to accept their flaws, but in time they find the courage to carry on and, if we are lucky, to thrive despite the abuse, guilt, shame, or humiliation endured for so long. The motivation and desire to expand beyond the confines of limitations and restrictions helps enable this potential even more, as if a match were lit beneath the cheeks of our derriere.


After all of these hopeful and aspiring attempts to evolve toward our ideals, we may find ourselves grounded again face to face with such practical matters as our finances, sustainability, and wherewithal. These inevitable facets of life are easily tossed aside when we get thrusted into the exciting universe of what might be possible. Taking it all in stride and not neglecting the good ideas or visions we had will help with a softer landing.


While all of these aspects are playing out, we are reawakening the spirit of where the week began: reconciling the contrast between what we are seeking and where what we seek sleeps. This beleaguered dilemma does not have to be a challenge. It can instead be an invitation to address our expansive hopes and dreams while considering how delusional they may be. What truths are true? What lies are false? How can we really know? The paradox of life is upon us and we must make time to sit quietly and contemplate it.


It is never too late to reimagine our future. The keen eyes we have been blessed with sometimes need to be recalibrated, so we should not deceive ourselves into thinking what we have seen and wanted to see is all there is to see. What lies beyond the horizon is more than just temples of stone. We hold within us lives unlived waiting to incarnate even in this lifetime if we are willing to unlearn the fading monotonous rhythms we have danced to thus far. How will we boogie into the future of our new imagination?

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