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August 7 - 14, 2022

This is likely to be an emotional week, so we need to be mindful of our feelings and the feelings of others.

As the Mars-Saturn square eases away, Venus in Cancer moves into opposition with Pluto in Capricorn on Monday, likely bringing emotional turbulence to our relationships. Tensions could rise in family dynamics or with elders or parents, so remember to step back from any difficult situations and reassess them; breathe through them. If any past traumatic emotions or memories are conjured, be sure to reflect deeply upon them, but nurture and take care of each other. In time we learn to surf the emotional waves back to shore more gracefully. This is a good time to practice.

Perhaps dealing with some consequences of our actions from last week, especially if we didn’t think everything through enough, as Moon joins Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday morning we begin to recognize things that need to be ironed out in our lives…again (see paragraph above). These monthly conjunctions of Moon-Pluto are often trying times, bringing up difficult realities or traumas we otherwise don’t want to face. Fortunately, Moon moves rather quickly, so take heart that these trying times ebb and flow. And what comes up from the depths needs to come up because there are lessons there for us to learn. We just need to be open to what those lessons are. Crack your shell and grow!

The Full Moon on Thursday night at 19° Aquarius is conjunct Saturn at 22° Aquarius, allowing us to clearly see the higher road out of the muck and mire of any aforementioned difficulties, traumas, or consequences. This Aquarius Moon reflects the light of the Leo Sun, which shows us how regal we are capable of being. And though Saturn gets a bad rap in many astrology circles, it brings us truth, wisdom, and leadership, despite the challenges along the way. It is the goat that followed its inner wisdom and drive for achievement through trial and error to reach the summit of the mountain. May this week’s Full Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius be the light of a higher calling and an elevated consciousness so we can set our sights on ideals we can manifest. Let it shine, shine, shine. Let it shine!

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