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August 14 - 21, 2022

This week begins with the Sun in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius, Mars trine Pluto, and the Moon is starting a new journey through the zodiac as it enters Aries Sunday afternoon.

Sun opposite Saturn is always a test to see how we are progressing with our goals and achievements, and with Sun in Leo we are focused on creating something worthy of recognition and praise. But Saturn in Aquarius constantly reminds us to work for the betterment of our community, so channel the benevolence of doing good for others so that recognition is indeed worthy.

Mars in Taurus is trine Pluto in Capricorn Sunday afternoon, allowing an otherwise challenging blend of influences to bring breakthrough forward movement around relationship power struggles and murky passive-aggressive games. Mars and Pluto are powerful planets when brought together, even in trine aspects, so whatever struggles may come up in our relationships, this trine will at least bring a little more harmony to the outcomes. Have good conversations about these things and good results should follow.

Though not aspecting the Sun-Saturn opposition, as Moon enters Aries on Sunday, we must reflect back on the new beginnings that were put in place in May when Jupiter entered Aries. The combination of these aspects and ingresses coalesce to help solidify our efforts toward the goals and new directions we initiated in May. It is high time to get to work on achieving those dreams and visions, as long as they are sustainable and from the heart.

On Tuesday, Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, bringing unimpeded productivity, pragmatic mental clarity, and a grounded sense of direction. Take advantage of this rather brief transit by refining and perfecting the methods and processes with which we manage our life and work. It is also a wonderful time to meditate on how we would like to honor our values as time moves forward. There are upgrades to our communities that need to take shape, and this transit can truly refine and help materialize those upgrades. Hear your calling and make it work!

Early Saturday morning, Mars enters Gemini for seven months. Yes, seven months! It’s normally in each sign for about two months, but because it is going retrograde at the end of October, Mars will remain in Gemini until late March 2023. This will be a time of passionate learning, socializing, and networking. We may get inspired by any number of things and wish to try them all. The road trips we’ve wanted to go on will beckon. But communications can get heated and tempers can flare, so be mindful of a sharp tongue, putting our foot in our mouth, and speaking out of turn. Mostly, this transit requires tact and mindful thinking to be able to efficiently initiate the myriad things we desire to do. It’s an exciting transit, so harness the uninhibited warrior spirit of Mars and go meet people, make connections, and bring more variety and culture into your life! Just drive carefully and speak kindly.

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